Big pow-wow of the refugee pushers and the no-borders gang coming up in December

Who is working against American workers and your American towns and cities? Find out!
Let me be clear, many of you have foolishly (in my opinion) tried to make the distinction between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration for way too long (legal is good, illegal is bad).  Please notice that the side, pushing for MASS MIGRATION, makes no such distinction.
They are all happily coming together surely (in December of this year) to get their marching orders (community/union organizing instructions!) for the 2016 Presidential race. LOL! to be a fly on the wall and hear how many times the name ‘TRUMP’ is mentioned.

eva Millona
Eva Millona is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition. MIRA is a co-sponsor of the pow-wow at which they will denigrate you for standing up for your communities.

From New American Dreams (click on the site to follow links and to register):

We’ll be making history together Dec 13-15, 2015 at NIIC 2015. [for those who have enough money to stay in a hotel in Brooklyn—ed]

Founded over 25 years ago, the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), the local Co-Host for NIIC 2015, is the leading advocate for New York’s immigrant communities on the local, state and national level. NYIC brinPrintgs together 165 organizations and entities that work with immigrants and refugees across the city and the state; together, our multi-ethnic and multi-sector constituencies pursue a common agenda and represent what is best about New York—diversity, energy, and the drive for positive change.

NYIC is a proud member of the National Partnership for New Americans, the national Co-Host and anchor for NIIC 2015. NYIC is committed to bringing voices from across New York to NIIC 2015 and share our experiences from the last quarter century of advancing immigrant integration. NIIC 2015 will also advance NYIC’s work with regional and national partners.

The National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) is a national multiethnic, multiracial partnership. We represent the collective power and NPNA resources of the country’s 34 largest regional immigrant rights organizations in 29 states. Our members provide large-scale services—from DACA application processing to voter registration to ACA outreach—for their communities, and they combine service delivery with sophisticated organizing tactics to advance local and state policy.

Our aim is to achieve a vibrant, just, and welcoming democracy for all. We believe America’s success is rooted in our ongoing commitment to welcoming and integrating newcomers into the fabric of our nation, and to upholding equality and opportunity as fundamental American values. Immigrants are the soul of our organization, and immigrant communities inspire, implement, and champion our work.

Joining the Co-Hosts on the NIIC 2015 Executive Committee are key partners. Make the Road New York, which builds the power of Latino communities to achieve dignity and justice, as well as the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, the largest organization in New England promoting the rights and integration of immigrants and refugees.

They are going to examine you!

LOL!  They are going to have a session about us (about those of us who don’t want to CHANGE America, who want to know what they have planned for our towns, who want to put American workers first, who don’t want to spend enormous amounts of the federal treasury to care for third world migrants, who don’t want to dilute our Judeo-Christian culture and heritage).  Check it out!  At 3:15 on December 13th:

Understanding and Addressing Today’s Organized Backlash Against Muslim Immigrants and Refugees

This session will explore the resurgence of anti-immigrant and Islamophobic rhetoric and activism and the recent use of Islamophobia to undermine refugee resettlement. This new development has implications for receiving communities and for refugee resettlement, particularly of Muslim refugees. How does this backlash against resettlement fit within the broader attacks on Muslims in the U.S. and what are the best ways to respond? Who are the key actors fueling this campaign and how is their message spreading? Hear from experts from the Muslim community and from refugee resettlement leaders about this new challenge and potential responses.

Here is the list of those working against your American towns, against American workers and against American taxpayers (regular readers of RRW will recognize many of these groups from our previous reporting).  The gang is all here!

Building Skills Partnership
CAPACES Leadership Institute
Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York
Catholic Legal Immigration Network
Center for Urban Research at the CUNY Graduate Center
Four Freedoms Fund
International Rescue Committee
JM Kaplan Fund
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services
Make the Road New York
Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition
Migration Policy Institute
National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders
National Council of La Raza
National Partnership for New Americans
New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito
New York Immigration Coalition
New York State Office of New Americans
Partnership for a New American Economy
Partnership for New York City
The Program for Environmental and Regional Equity at the University of Southern California
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
Unbound Philanthropy
Welcoming America
Western Union

About the photo:  Learn more about Ms. Millona here as she played a major role in the Obama Task Force on New Americans.

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