Sweden: so much for socialism as capitalists use the system in refugee crisis to rake in the bucks

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I love this stuff, do-gooder socialists foiled by what?—a desire by some to make money!  Making money off of the refugee flow is nothing new—just ask the US refugee resettlement contractors!

Stefan Löfven efter slutdebatten i SVT 2014
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven: Hey, we are welcoming tens of thousands of Syrians and other Middle Easterners here.  How dare you make gobs of money from the crisis?

From The Guardian  (hat tip: Jon):

Sweden is in the grip of a row over housing for refugees, with private accommodation providers accused of making fat profits while the country struggles to find beds for tens of thousands of asylum seekers before winter.

Housing is so limited for record numbers of arrivals – 9,000 are arriving in Sweden every week – that the authorities are using heated tents to put people up.

But at the same time, private companies have been accused of charging exorbitant amounts to help the government find accommodation for more than 80,000 people who have made it to Sweden this year.

“We are living hand to mouth,” said Tolle Furegård, head of refugee accommodation at Sweden’s migration board, who said the service relies a heavily on the private sector in this situation. “They are not doing this to be nice to us… It is a big sector, a chance to earn lot of money quickly, and it’s safe, because the government pays its bills.”

The board had lowered its standards to attract more offers of accommodation, and is seeking 30,000 more beds by the end of the year – “a huge number”, Furegård said.

The prime minister, Stefan Löfven, has asked company bosses whether it “feels good when you look in the mirror” to be making big profits at a time when the country is pulling together over the refugee crisis.

More here of the classic supply and demand story.  Sweden is learning the hard way, just hope it isn’t too late for them.
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