Wisconsin state legislator wants state to take in 937 Syrian Muslims, with federal grant money

I don’t know where to turn this morning—already I have 5 states from which we have refugee news (see NJ and Kansas so far). So, in order to get through them, here is a quick report from Wisconsin.
Why 937 says Milwaukee state legislator?  Because that is the number of Jews that were reportedly turned back from America’s shores in 1939.  We know that 97% of the Syrian refugees the UN is picking for us are Muslims, so it makes perfect sense doesn’t it that he is proposing 937 Muslims to make up for the mistreatment of the Jews in WWII—-NOT!

Daniel Riemer
Rep. Daniel Riemer wants the State of Wisconsin to resettle 937 Syrians. Note that he is looking for federal grants for the state. Why not ask the taxpayers of Wisconsin to pony-up? Where does he think Washington gets its money—growing on trees? Or from China? Pick one!

Showing a complete misunderstanding of how refugee resettlement in America is monopolized by nine federal contractor (four of them have already staked territory in Milwaukee***), Rep. Riemer is recommending that the state of Wisconsin become a resettlement contractor for his 937 symbolic Syrians (presumably in addition to those the federal contractors are already bringing to Wisconsin).
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

It is now time for states such as Wisconsin to take action. That is why I have introduced a bill in the state Assembly that requires Wisconsin’s Department of Children and Families to apply for additional grant funds from the federal government to enable at least 937 additional displaced Syrian refugees to resettle in Wisconsin. The bill already has Republican and Democratic legislative co-sponsors.

If granted, Wisconsin would use these federal funds to assist in handling the initial cost of settling Syrians fleeing terror. Local religious and nonprofit organizations that receive state funds would continue their good work running existing programs to help refugees, their children and families, to resettle, find work and achieve economic and personal self-sufficiency.

More here…..
Any pockets of resistance’ in Wisconsin, if so you need to let Rep. Riemer know what you are thinking.
***Four of the nine major federal refugee contractors work in Milwaukee (see list here). They are already being paid by the US taxpayer to resettle refugees to Wisconsin and surely it is just a matter of time before the Syrians are brought in to help colonize Wisconsin (some have already been resettled in Oshkosh).
ECDC (Ethiopian Community Dev. Council)
WI-ECDC-01: Pan-African Community Association
Address: 4063 N. 64th St. Unit A
Milwaukee, WI 53216
Phone: 414-442-5864 Fax: 414-535-8829
LIRS (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service)
WI-LIRS-03: Lutheran Social Service Of Wi & Upper Mi
Address: 5300 W. Lincoln Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53219
Phone: 414-325-3117 Fax: 414-325-3208
USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops)
WI-USCCB-04: Catholic Charities
Address: 6033 W Loyd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53213
Phone: 414-771-2881 EXT 121 Fax: 414-475-6541
USCRI (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants)
WI-USCRI-01: International Institute Of Wisconsin
Address: 1110 N Old World 3rd St, Suite 420
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone: 414-225-6220

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