More on those refugee "processing countries" (who is coming in from where? why?)

….For those of you who are hardcore refugee research geeks!
rpcLogoSmall [Converted]I’ve mentioned ‘processing countries’ from time to time over the years with a special animus for the program (initiated during the Bush Admin) to bring ‘refugees’ in to the US from Malta.
These ‘refugees’ are primarily economic migrants (but what else?) who crossed the Mediterranean from North Africa in hopes of getting farther north in Europe.  For some never-explained reason we take hundreds to America every year.
So this morning when I wrote about how NGOs are being accused of aiding and abetting the human traffickers to Europe, I mentioned processing countries again.
I thought it would be a good idea now to bring this to the attention of the Trump transition team and Members of Congress who care about our security.  How can we possibly know who these wandering (mostly Muslim) ‘refugees’ are? And, since most are being processed first by the United Nations, can we trust the UN?

We are entitled to know which ethnic groups come through these processing countries! 
We know from news reports that Syrians are coming in from Turkey and Jordan. We are still bringing thousands from Iraq. We know that a large number of the Somalis come to the US from Kenya, but we know from news reports that Somalis make their way all over the world and get to such odd places as Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa (the rainbow nation!) and Malta and then we pick them up as refugees (if they are legit refugees why didn’t they just go to the UN camps in Kenya?).
Hint to Trump team: Note that we take zero Somalis directly from Somalia so you won’t be able to say we are pausing immigration from Somalia, you must refer to the ethnic group no matter where in the world we get them!
I want you to have a look at the numbers (screenshot below) of those who have come in the US in just the first two months of the fiscal year (October 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016), many from countries where they would have been perfectly safe.  (Having fun with geography!)
BTW, it is important to capture this information now because by the end of the next month, these maps disappear down some black hole at (or at least I can’t find them!).

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