Mitchell's 'Enhanced Interrogation' a must read

You must read this book!

We previously mentioned the recently released blockbuster book that describes how after 9/11, the Bush Administration’s efforts to keep us safe yielded results and informed us about what the Islamists are working toward.
It is nothing short of world domination by Islam.
We need to believe what they say! (But even to the end of his Presidency, I’m not sure Bush believed them.)
I’m planning to give you some snippets going forward about what the interrogators learned from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed¬† who we have previously reported spent informative years among us as a college student in North Carolina (read Richard Miniter’s Mastermind).
This is the second important point (for me) which I want to share from author James Mitchell (the first we reported earlier, that they would eventually overcome us through immigration and out-breeding us):

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