Wrapsnet update: Number of refugees arriving slowed since yesterday

rpcLogoSmall [Converted]See my post, here, about how I have been tracking refugee arrivals since the morning of Inauguration Day.

Here is a recap of what I posted each day:

January 20th: 29,895

January 21st: 30,063

January 22nd: 30,063

January 23rd: 30,063

January 24th: 30,063

January 25th: 30,885

January 26th: 31,521

January 27th: 32,094

This morning the number is 32,125. 
I’ll try to keep readers posted each day going forward.  The President, in yesterday’s executive order, reset Obama’s ceiling of 110,000 to 50,000 (go here to see my explanation about why that is still too high).
Here is a map from Wrapsnet (Refugee Processing Center) this morning. How many have already gone to your state this fiscal year?

If you can’t read Florida it is 1,047. Alaska is 32 and Hawaii is 3.

By the way, note that states that in recent months withdrew from the US Refugee Admissions Program have shown no reduction in the number of refugees they receive. Those states are Texas, Kansas, New Jersey and Maine. The federal government is simply turning the work of placing refugees in those states over to the (we believe) unlawful Wilson-Fish alternative which puts a non-profit refugee contractor in charge of the program in that state!
Governors in those states—all Republicans—should consider suing as Tennessee is doing, or at minimum screaming to the Trump Administration!
Wyoming has wisely never had a refugee program!

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