Mama Merkel update: Nothing resolved in special EU meeting yesterday, try again Thursday

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As we reported last week, a special EU meeting was called for yesterday as the political pressure mounts on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to do something to control the migrant population that continues to grow in Germany.  See Merkel between a rock and a hard place in age of ‘Aquarius.’

Besties French Prez Macron and Merkel.  Macron in la-la land:   “We are living through a political crisis more than a migratory crisis today.”

I’m struck here by the similarity to our situation on the Mexican border where Donald Trump is both trying to stem the flow in to the US, and attempting to kill the catch and release policy of previous presidents (the major pull factor for those gambling on entering the US).
The answer is the same for Europe—stop the in-flow and hold for sorting all those who have gotten in by building detention centers. Sort out legitimate asylum seekers from economic migrants who can be quickly deported.
Don’t let them roam free across Europe!

From the CT Post:

European leaders met Sunday in Brussels to discuss the contentious issue of migration, which is threatening to topple German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, but they appeared to be far from coming to a common agreement on how to redistribute the burden among themselves.

Merkel has been badly weakened in recent weeks by an anti-migration rebellion inside her own conservative coalition, making her more vulnerable than at any other point in her 13-year leadership. And Italy’s new government has unveiled a sweeping set of anti-immigration proposals that would more quickly send migrants back out of Europe.


Even though new arrivals have dropped, the political consequences of migration pressures are still reverberating around Europe. Merkel is seeking a way to redistribute already-arrived migrants across the continent. Italy, a front-line state to asylum seekers and migrants coming from northern Africa, is more focused on the initial arrivals and on avoiding what it says is an unfair burden that has been placed on it by countries to its north.

Although no formal agreements were reached Sunday, ahead of a full summit on Thursday, the toughened attitudes toward migrants were on stark display. At stake could be the European Union’s prized borderless movement in the area known as the Schengen zone, which is the foundation for many other aspects of European integration.

Looks like detention centers is a major consideration, the question is where to establish those camps.

One proposal from European Council President Donald Tusk is to find spots outside Europe to sort economic migrants from people with legitimate asylum claims. Another from French President Emmanuel Macron is to establish closed camps inside Europe where migrants could await the outcome of their claims.

They must do both, and so must we: stop the in-flow as Italy says and detain everyone else (who got in in previous years) for sorting.

Who me?

(By the way there is talk of camps in North Africa to be used for sorting and over the weekend I read that they were considering Albania.)
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