Refugee 101 in Seven Minutes!

Here it is!—a great summary of the US Refugee Admissions Program and where it has gone wrong according to Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies in an interview at Blaze TV.  H/t Kevin

I get pretty deep in the weeds here at RRW, so this is excellent to send to everyone—especially newbies—who want a quick overview of the program’s failings!

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9 thoughts on “Refugee 101 in Seven Minutes!

    1. You may have answered this somewhere here &/or your blog so I apologize if this is the case. My question is why are the local governing bodies within our states so eager to participate? In other words what’s in it for them?

      1. Hard to say. Some want the cheap labor and new consumers because they represent money to local businesses (large and small). Some fear being called racists or unwelcoming. Some think they are being the good people for being welcoming. Some are Dems who want the reliable new voters. And, not enough of us who want this whole thing slowed down rise up and scream at them.

  1. I had the good fortune of attending a TEA Party meeting in Fort Lauderdale when Mark Krikorian was the featured speaker two years ago. The man really knows the facts on immigration and refugees. He should working directly for the White House.

    1. Welcome back. After the Lefties got RRW dumped from the internet, I was inspired to get back up. You have a lot of catching up to do—months worth of new posts!

    1. Words matter, ask Saul Alinksky who wrote the playbook for most every move by the left, Rules for Radicals. It is harder to fight from the right, who come from a point of honesty and empirical evidence, versus the left who start as religious zealots fueled with a lie and work downward from there. ‘entry restriction’ is a step in the right direction.

      1. Scott, Yes words matter and the left is excellent at marketing and using words to slant issues toward their viewpoints. We have to learn from them. Trump even started using the left’s own words ‘travel ban’. It has the connotation of hate and non inclusion. It should be called Safe Steps to immigration or something. But entry restriction is much better than ban.

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