How Many Refugees Would Top Dems ‘Welcome’ to Your Towns and Cities?


The LA Times posted a piece yesterday entitled:

Where do Democratic presidential candidates stand on immigration policy?

But strangely it only reports the number of refugees each candidate wants per year for a couple of the candidates.  Why the silence on some others when the numbers are available?

Remember that President Trump has the level set at 18,000 (under the Refugee Act of 1980, the President sets the ceiling/cap each fiscal year).

The Dems want to change that and have Congress set a minimum ceiling of 95,000.  If the Dems win the White House, and hold the House, there is an excellent chance that will happen.

The LA Times lists numbers for only Biden and Warren:

 Grandpappy of the US Refugee Admissions Program, Joe Biden:  125,000

Elizabeth Warren:  175,000

We know that Michael Bloomberg is at 125,000.

Amy Klobuchar is floating 110,000.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t set a number except that he wants at least 50,000 so-called climate refugees admitted every year.  (See my climate refugee archive.)

Tom Steyer also has not given a number that I can find but would welcome climate refugees in the mix.

I find it incredible that the Democrats want to inject hundreds of thousands of competitors into the job market who will drive down wages for American workers.  Don’t African Americans and other minorities get that?

2 thoughts on “How Many Refugees Would Top Dems ‘Welcome’ to Your Towns and Cities?

  1. Ann I’m devistated at what’s happened and is happening here in Maine.
    Maine is special and not for refugees!
    Importing crime and filling apartments with refugees and NOT HOMELESS AMERICANS?
    Our costs with everything the refugees need must be great. Our crappy governor is an idiot. Sadly for us real Mainers….

    1. I know, Maine is going the way of Minnesota. It will take a lot of real Mainers to get organized and fight back.

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