Refugee Act of 1980 is Forty Years Old Today

Sheesh, I almost forgot!

You can thank Senator Ted Kennedy, former Senator and Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden, and former President Jimmy Carter for giving us the dysfunctional US Refugee Admissions Program that turns forty today—St. Patrick’s Day (Carter’s cute nod to Teddy).

Why any self-respecting Republican thinks this program has benefited America and should continue unchanged is beyond me!

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One thought on “Refugee Act of 1980 is Forty Years Old Today

  1. Yes, and this cursed day can now take its rightful place, along with the original catastrophic Ted Kennedy bill swinging wide open all the borders in 1965, the day of the disastrous 1987 Reagan Amnesty (yes, we must admit it about him) which amnestied millions, without any border security to show for it, and of course, every day of the Obama Error, as the most insane, regrettable dates in modern American history.

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