IRC pushing Biden for hearings on Iraqi refugees

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is one of the top ten volags resettling refugees in the US.  They have a vested interest in bringing more refugees to America (federal funding is allocated by the head) and are now rounding up their friends and urging Senator Biden to hold hearings in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Iraqi “humanitarian crisis.”   Here is what they told their good friend Senator Biden:

Specifically, we strongly believe the United States government must develop and implement a wide-ranging response strategy that looks at the Iraqi humanitarian crisis, particularly the displacement, in a holistic way and allows for a sustained response over an extended period of time. In that regard, we would respectfully request that the Committee on Foreign Relations hold a hearing during the remaining time of the 110th session of Congress to assess the continuing needs of vulnerable Iraqis and to investigate alternatives for a comprehensive response.

Visit the letter from the IRC to Biden and see the groups and churches behind this effort.  Keep in mind that these churches get federal funding for their refugee work.

As one of the chief advocates for bringing more refugees to the US and paying church groups and other non-profits with your tax dollars, Biden is already on board, he won’t require much urging.   Having such hearings is also a handy way of reminding voters that the Bush Administration screwed up in Iraq.

You can learn more about the IRC here.

The latest information on Iraqi refugees arriving in the US is here.

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