Further thoughts on the Saudi strategy(!) I wrote about this morning

Update September 25th:  See Judy’s excellent post today on more of the Saudi strategy at work in the US here.


Go back to this post, if you didn’t read it this morning.  I’m kind of slow sometimes and it just dawned on me hours after writing that post, with my first cup of coffee, what that Saudi author was saying.  I wondered why she so readily chastised the Somalis.  How could I be so obtuse. 

I just wrote a post a couple of days ago about how the Somalis of Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE had overplayed their hand.   The quiet Jihad is just that, it’s supposed to be quiet and with the beligerant and angry (ham-handed!) way the Somalis made their religious demands and ticked off every other group (Hispanics, American Blacks, Vietnamese and even Sudanese) among the workers they undercut the Saudi- funded plan to quietly bring Sharia to America.

This woman was distancing herself and Saudi Arabia from those strident, out of control, Somalis:

But some Muslims take their beliefs to the extreme.

By making them look like whackos, the Saudis (and other Arab intelligentsia), by contrast, are reasonable and moderate.   Now, don’t get me wrong, I think the Somalis had handlers and that their demands were part of the plan, but the plan went awry and now this Saudi author is making lemonade from the Somali lemons.

On a tiny scale, what the Somalis have done in Grand Island and Greeley is wake up a segment of America, one that Saudi Arabia preferred to see snoozing.    It’s kind of like 9/11, you can bet those Saudi-funded-sharia-promoting infiltrators into American society went ballistic when Osama bin Laden overplayed his hand killing thousands of Americans.

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