In my opinion: meatpacking Somalis have overplayed their hand

The AP has a story last night about how the Somalis, all of them, employed or now unemployed, are going to meet today in Grand Island, NE and try to figure out what to do next.

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Muslim workers involved in a prayer dispute at a Grand Island meatpacking plant are scheduled to meet Sunday to decide what to do next.

Mohamed Rage, who leads the Omaha Somali-American Community Organization, said Saturday that workers at the JBS Swift & Co. plant wanted to hold another protest, but that he urged them not to.

Instead, Rage said, all the Muslim workers — including those no longer with the company because of the dispute — will meet Sunday to talk about a resolution.

Muslim workers — most of Somali background — have been asking for accommodations with break times to allow prayer at sunset. The issue led to walkouts at the plant this week — not only from Muslims, but also from non-Muslims who protested such accommodations as preferential treatment.

We’ve been following this issue for the last couple of weeks on-going in both Grand Island and Greeley, CO and I believe these demands for religious accommodation are not isolated and spontaneous.  See our posts in chronological order here

Someone, somewhere, orchestrated this year’s Ramadan accommodation push and now it has backfired.  They thought the company would roll over, but surely didn’t anticipate the explosive response by other workers from all backgrounds.  

Note they (whoever is behind this) are not leaving it to the local Somalis but have brought in a big city community organizer—Mohamed Rage.   Rage is telling them not to protest again right now.    He obviously gets it—as the Somalis continue to act belligerently they lose public support and sympathy and are annoying the heck out of the multicultural workers, and American blacks,  in both plants.

All this is happening at the very time that the Muslim American Society is registering Muslim voters across the country.   Here is a story from Boston just this week:

Local groups, from the Muslim American Society of Boston to Centro Presente of Somerville, are holding events to get immigrants even more involved.

Over the past year, the society has registered more than 4,200 new voters, largely immigrants, hoping to reverse a tide of anti-Muslim sentiment and to influence government policies that affect them, from immigration laws to homeland security. A recent candidate night attracted 150 people, said Bilal Kaleem, the society’s executive director.

Frankly, this is the soft, or stealth jihad, the smart Islamists are working through our system to place their people in elected office.   In August of 2007, another key player in the Muslim American Society, Imam Yahya Hendi told a Saudi audience that we would have 30 Muslim mayors in America in 2015.  A tad ambitious I suppose, but telling nonetheless.    I’m going to bet these smart guys are pissed as hell that the Somalis have shown themselves to be angry and violent in their demands for special religious treatment in the workplace.

Another group that is probably pretty ticked is this American Muslim Democratic Caucus who are asking for a “seat at the table” according to this story in Louis Farrakhan’s publication, the Final Call:

DENVER ( – American Muslims from around the country met with Joshua Dubois, director of religious affairs for the Barack Obama presidential campaign, during the Democratic National Convention, to address concerns that the Muslim community was being marginalized by the campaign.

“It’s not a smear to be called a Muslim. We have Muslim staffers all over the country,” said Mr. DuBois at a luncheon sponsored by the American Muslim Democratic Caucus.

“You will have a seat at the table,” he said, “The issues today are too critical for us not to work together.”

So, just when they are trying to convince Americans that Muslims are just like the rest of us, these Somalis in Grand Island and Greeley show their colors and their desire for Islamic supremacism.

Much of what organizers conveyed during the press conference was to quell fears that Muslims are different and Islam is violent.

“We are as American as apple pie,” Dr. Lalani. “Sen. Obama stands for everything that we believe in. We believe President Obama will be a president for all Americans. That is good enough for us.”

“Somehow we are not well known by Americans. They’ve been misled by negative news reports and the happenings around the world that make people think Muslims are violent, intolerant or want to impose their religion on others. All of this is false.”

Is it really false?   Seems to me the meatpacking Somalis are telling the world something else.

This is getting way long, but if you are interested in this topic.  Please go back and look at posts I’ve written in the past where American blacks and Somalis are not getting along in various places in the US and where the Immigrant Muslims have apparently looked down their noses at Black American Muslims  (see the BAMs vs. the IMMs).

The strategy seems to be in disarray.  Maybe the ‘stealth jihadists’ aren’t so smart afterall!  Or, maybe better still, Americans (blue collar Americans at least) are a differant sort of people and won’t roll over as the Europeans have.

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