New reports: 150 Somalis are gone–quit or fired in Nebraska

Here is a short report forwarded from Blulitespecial that quotes a Somali community organizer as saying that 150 Somalis are now unemployed and hanging around Grand Island with nothing to do.  (Actually he didn’t say that last part, that was me.)

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) – A Somali-American leader says 150 Muslims have lost their jobs at a Grand Island, Neb., meatpacking plant that has been embroiled in a prayer dispute.

Mohamed Rage (RAYZH) with the Omaha Somali-American Community Organization says 80 workers were thrown out after an altercation late Thursday. He says when they tried to return for their shift Friday, they were fired, along with 70 others.

If you go to the Somali Community  organization’s site you will see this guy’s name really is ‘Rage’, gosh how appropriate.   Does anyone else see a trend with that “c” word?   There seems to be a Somali Community center in every hot spot.    By the way, the link is for the website page which mentions how many babies the Somalis are going for—7 or 8 makes for a super mom (note to Sierra Club).

New readers see our category here for meatpacker news from Greeley and Grand Island.

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