Food Stamp fraud brought to you by a certain unnamed immigrant group

Debbie Schlussel has the scoop!   Earlier today I saw a news clip about a huge food stamp fraud bust in the Detroit, MI area, and since I knew Debbie was an expert on these busts, I asked if she had learned who the perps were.  Sure enough, she got the story:

Yesterday, Michigan State Police and federal Department of Agriculture agents raided several gas stations, party stores, and homes–20 locations in all–and arrested 20 people for Bridge Card (food stamp) fraud.

All of those arrested were Shi’ite Arab Muslims, but of course neither that and nor the arrestees’ names were mentioned in any media coverage. Gee, I wonder why.

Read the rest of Debbie’s post here.

Food stamp fraud has been one of my interests ever since it happened near where we live.  One of my favorite posts is this one.  All of my posts on the topic are here.

Actually I should explain to new readers how this fraud works.   When I first heard about the scam I was amazed to learn it was so widespread and connected to a certain immigrant group.    Usually it works like this:  customer goes into mom and pop store with food stamps to sell.  The clerk gives the poor needy person who is not looking for food, but for cash, 50 cents on the dollar for the stamps.   Store then turns the stamps in to the government for the full dollar.  The full dollar was provided by you—the US taxpayer.   And, guess where the money goes?   To the poor and needy folks of Hezbollah.   Neat huh!   Now don’t you feel better to know you are giving zakat.

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