Europe: Muslims want special taxpayer-funded cemeteries

And, you think Shariah isn’t creeping into Europe?

Before you read this story about special cemeteries in Europe for Muslims who cannot be buried with infidels, note that this demand for taxpayer-funded cemeteries for Muslims is also happening in the US.   We had a story in 2010 from Garden City, KS*, here, about such a request.  I don’t know if they got what they wanted in this Kansas city—the refugee resettlement hub in the heartland.  But, here is an idea!  Maybe Tyson Foods that was responsible for attracting the Muslim immigrants to the city might pay for their cemetery!

From The National:

BERLIN // In a sombre sign that Muslims are becoming more integrated in German society, the 300,000-strong Islamic community in Berlin has complained that it is running out of graveyard space, and is urging authorities to help solve the problem.

The shortage of sites reflects a desire by increasing numbers of Muslims to be buried in Germany rather than be taken to their countries of origin after their death. Community leaders have stepped up their campaign this month for more burial space.


The requirements of the Quran make the search for suitable sites more difficult. All graves must be positioned with the head facing towards Mecca, and rooms must be made available to allow the ritual washing of the dead. Cremation is not permitted.

Berlin does not require the bodies be placed in caskets and permits burials of people wrapped just in cloth, in accordance with Islamic tradition. But the German practice of limiting the duration of burial sites clashes with the Muslim tradition that the dead must be allowed eternal peace. In Berlin, the leases on graves span 20 years, after which they have to be renewed. Otherwise the site is cleared for reuse.

Poor France!

Many European countries face similar pressures to find burial space for Muslim immigrants. In February, France inaugurated its first municipal Muslim cemetery in the city of Strasbourg in a move Islamic leaders described as a step towards recognising one of the country’s largest minority groups. France has western Europe’s biggest Muslim minority, estimated at between five and six million people.

Germans, so far, don’t want to pay for special privileges for those who even in death wish to stay separate.

The German capital has voted to tackle the space shortage but has so far baulked at making funding available for a new cemetery. And Muslim representatives said they cannot afford to run a cemetery based just on donations. [Let the infidels pay!—ed]

* We have many many posts on Garden City, KS, just use our search function to find them.

Resettlement to “welcoming” Minnesota slowed

Well, not just Minnesota but everywhere.  There is nothing new in this story.  I’m posting it here because while the Israelis riot AGAINST more Africans coming across the Israeli border, recognizing the potential destruction of the social fabric, this article highlights the desire by Minnesota’s social service agencies and the “faith” community to “welcome” more to Minnesota.

The refugee program has been slowed because of the discovery (oops!) of Iraqi terrorists having been resettled in Bowling Green, KY and probably some other cases we haven’t heard about yet.    By the way, a reader from Kentucky told me recently that Bowling Green is 10% Bosnian Muslim now thanks to the Clinton Administration’s phony-baloney Bosnian war and refugee resettlement contractors.

Here is the Star Tribune article boo-hooing about the slow flow of refugees to Minnesota:

Fewer feet are stepping across Minnesota’s welcome mat.

Stricter screening measures for refugees hoping to enter the United States from countries deemed a security risk have allowed fewer people to reach Minnesota from hot spots around the world.

The total number of refugees arriving in the state dropped from 2,107 in the 12 months ending in September 2010 to 1,856 in the 12 months ending in September 2011, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

So far, only 758 refugees entering the U.S. have landed in Minnesota in the current fiscal year, which began Oct. 1, 2011.

Not to worry! The pace will surely pick up in the summer!

Workers at both state and federal refugee agencies predict the numbers of new arrivals to Minnesota will pick up soon as the government fine-tunes the new screening process in time for summer, historically the busy season for refugee resettlement work.

Readers, there is nothing special about summer, it is just that the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30th and the feds and the contractors put on a big push to resettle as many as they can toward the approved cap before the new fiscal year begins.  And, since they are likely to even get smaller numbers of refugees in 2013, they want to get all the bodies they can get in 2012.

Most refugees going to Minnesota are Somalis.

The recent decline in refugee numbers nationally and locally began nearly two years ago, after U.S. officials sought to tighten screening process for refugees coming from Iraq mainly, but it also has affected refugees from Somalia.

See my recent post about Somali chain migration to Minnesota hitting a snag, here.   Same reporter for the Star Tribune, Allie Shah, wrote that story—must be on the Somali beat (or the Muslim beat).

Addendum:  Silly me, I should have linked this post from January 2011 that is one of the top posts here almost every day.

More on those anti-African migrant riots in Israel

Netanyahu:   Africans threaten the social fabric of Israel.

See my earlier post here on the riots.   This one is from the LA Times:

It was the latest in a string of attacks, disturbances and incidents of harassment in the last month, after three Eritrean migrants were arrested in connection with the rape of an Israeli woman.

Amid a national uproar over the rape, Interior Minster Eli Yishai called most African immigrants “criminals” and vowed to either deport or jail them. He said on Israel Radio that a firm response was the only way to discourage more refugees from entering the country. “Once they’re in jail, they won’t want to come over here anymore,” he said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu echoed the sentiment, saying the presence of African migrants in Israel “is extremely serious and threatens Israel’s social fabric and national security.

Most of the African refugees walk into Israel via the Sinai desert, paying Bedouin smugglers thousands of dollars to deliver them from Egypt. In response, the Israeli government has begun construction of a massive fence along the border and an 8,000-bed detention facility in the southern Negev desert to hold those who get through. Both are expected to be completed this year.

Political correctness has definitely not taken hold in Israel!

Burmese champion of human rights silent on Rohingya

Aung San Suu Kyi is not supporting the Rohingyas.

For some of you, this article from the Times of India about Rohingya Muslims demanding resettlement in India may be getting too deep into the weeds, but I am posting this so that my Rohingya Reports category is kept up to date. 102 posts so far!   LOL!  I’m developing the background history for future reference when something goes wrong as the US continues to resettle Rohingya.

After many column inches of sob story, we get to this section of the Times of India report about the terror connections of some Rohingya and how some were trained in Afghanistan.

But many suspect a “hand” behind them. Their synchronized appearance, apparently out of thin air from across the country, led to a question in the Rajya Sabha with BJP’s Balbir Punj objecting to their remaining in the country and demanding a probe to identify the “organizer”. After a monthlong standoff from April between the Indian government, UNHCR and the protesters, they were given permission to stay in the country till 2015 pending a series of verifications by sundry agencies.

Alongside, a strident letter to the PM and all-who-matter from VHP leader Praveen Togadia has demanded the Rohingyas be thrown out as they were a “security risk”. Togadia, whose letter and a series of attachments are available online refers to a 2005 paper by security analyst B Raman. The paper says the Bangladesh wing of HUJI recruited a “number of Rohingya Muslims” and took them “to Afghanistan to fight Soviet and Afghan troops” in the 1980s. The VHP’s note on Raman’s paper names “24 Bangladeshi/ Rohingya mujahideen” who died during the Afghanistan jihad.

Raman also mentions that a Rohingya group is “projecting itself as HUJI Myanmar”.
The Burmese regimes accuse them of being Bangladeshi infiltrators. One of the main attacks is to red-flag the bogey of Islamization of Myanmar via these ‘Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators’. In Bangladesh, where lakhs have taken shelter, they are called Burmese. “Where do I go?” asks Khin.

In India, the call to throw out the Rohingyas is also based on reports of a number of such Muslims joining terror outfits. How much is the security risk from shelterless people mired in misery? B Raman says, “We don’t know their background. We don’t know who they were in contact with. One has to be cautious.” One of the reasons, says Raman, that Aung San Suu Kyi is not supporting the Rohingyas is because of certain Rohingya groups’ actions against the Burmese army. “While she is talking about some ethnic groupings, she has stayed quiet on the Rohingya,” says Raman, adding that they should simply be repatriated.

Maybe the Indian Rohingya illegal aliens should call the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and ask for help—after all they are pushing for more Rohingya immigration to America.  They want to show how open and with-it they are to bring Muslims to the US.   By the way, you know that murder case in Utah where a “Burmese” refugee killed a little Christian refugee girl, a reader tells me that he is Muslim, but I am still waiting to see that in print somewhere.

Europe getting ready to control immigration if Euro collapses

They get it!  Immigration must be controlled in floundering economies, but will it be too little too late for Europe?

Here is an article from The Telegraph in which a Member of the British Parliament says they are getting ready to halt one of the most important parts of the EU government where people from member states can freely cross borders to work.   They fear most that the collapse of Greece will send thousands upon thousands to the few countries still holding their economic heads above water, especially Britain.

In an interview in The Daily Telegraph, Theresa May says “work is ongoing” to restrict European immigration in the event of a financial collapse.

People from throughout the EU, with the exception of new member countries such as Romania and Bulgaria, are able to work anywhere in the single market.

However, there are growing concerns that if Greece was forced to leave the euro, it would effectively go bankrupt and millions could lose their jobs and consider looking for work abroad.

The crisis could spread quickly to other vulnerable countries such as Spain, Ireland and Portugal, although Britain is regarded as a safe haven because it is outside the single currency.


The introduction of immigration controls within the EU would undermine a key part of the single market. However, it is allowed in “exceptional” circumstances under European law.

Controls are most likely to include restrictions on people seeking to work in Britain, who could be made to apply for visas.


David Cameron has already said that Britain has made contingency plans to deal with the break-up of the single currency.

Too late?

But, according to this article (be sure to open the link to see the photo) also from The Telegraph (last month), it may be too late for Britain to control any immigration.  Who is to blame?

Many of us can identify with these concerns. And being sensible, like Joe Public, we do not blame immigrants for failing to integrate: the blame lies at the feet of our rulers for failing to set clear boundaries by requiring them to learn English, respect British culture and obey the house rules. Instead, the British have been exhorted to change the rules to accommodate the newcomers. It may come as no surprise to read that the Office for National Statistics has discovered that one in eight people in the UK is now foreign born.