Diversity is strength alert! Wisconsin immigrant found with severed head in car trunk

Just when I thought I could go outside and get some work done, along comes a story I just had to post right now!

Before I give you the latest ‘diversity is strength’ news, please visit Ann Coulter’s great article yesterday in which she lists about 15 major murder sprees by mostly LEGAL immigrants.

Alleged murderer, Kou Thao, held on $1 million bond.
Photo credit Marathon County Jail

Now from Wisconsin AP (hat tip: George).   Severed head—Muslim killing?  Nope, looks like Vietnamese or Hmong.  The federal contractors brought a lot of Southeast Asians to Wisconsin.  If anyone sees any news about his immigration status, send it my way, but the mainstream media almost never gives us that information.

WAUSAU, Wis. (AP) — Authorities found a Minnesota man’s severed head in the trunk of a car and other body parts in the basement of a Milwaukee home, according to a criminal complaint charging a central Wisconsin man with first-degree intentional homicide.

A judge ordered Kou Thao, 26, held on a $1 million cash bond during an initial appearance Monday. The Wausau man is scheduled for a preliminary hearing May 1.

The investigation began April17 when police were called to a Wausau home. The suspect’s brother-in-law, Yeh Lor, told officers Thao came to the house with Tong Pao Hang, a 58-year-old man from St. Paul, Minn. Hang was the boyfriend of Lor’s aunt.

Lor told detectives he was smoking outside while Thao and Hang went into the basement to drink. He said he heard what sounded like a single gunshot come from the basement. When he went downstairs to investigate, he saw the victim lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

The two men wrapped the body in a tarp and loaded it into a car, Lor told investigators. Lor told authorities he helped Thao with the body because he thought Thao might have a gun. [was it a legal gun?—ed]

Officers found Thao on Thursday at a Milwaukee home. When police knocked on the door of the home Thao ran out the back door but was quickly caught and arrested, the criminal complaint said.

Wausau police assisted with executing a search warrant on the car and home. They found a bucket in the trunk containing Hang’s severed head, with a gunshot wound between the eyes.

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