Malta Today report on migrant survey results sounds elitist

The story basically says—-If only the uneducated boobs among the public were better informed they wouldn’t fear that their country was being “invaded.” 

Shipment of Syrians (?) arriving on Malta’s shores.*
Nah! No invasion here, nothing to see, move along!


Longtime readers know that we have been following the plight of the tiny Mediterranean island nation of Malta as it has been overwhelmed for years with boat people (asking for asylum) from Africa—-most recently the flood is a result of the glorious Arab Spring and the US-supported (US-driven!) ouster of Gaddafi in Libya.

Our interest in Malta is two-fold.  First, as much as I hate the worn-out phrase ‘canary in a coal mine’ that about sums up what Malta represents, and secondly the US State Department (egged on by their Jesuit friends on Malta) is transforming Malta’s illegal aliens by the hundreds into “refugees” destined for your town!

Seems that a major news outlet on Malta—-Malta Today—did a survey and found that shock-of-shocks, the general public is feeling invaded.

Here is a bit of the story:

MaltaToday survey indicates that a majority of respondents (55%) support the pushback policy.  [Go here for some of our coverage last month of the proposed push-back policy.—ed]

The MaltaToday survey held this week reveals that the greatest concern the Maltese people have about migration by ‘boat people’ is the fear of being ‘invaded’ or seeing their country ‘taken over’ by migrants.

The survey indicates that a majority of respondents (55%) support the pushback policy considered by the new Labour government in July, before the European Court of Human Rights stopped any such action. It had already ruled such a policy illegal when practised by Silvio Berlusconi’s right-wing government in Italy.

Support for pushbacks is particularly strong among Labour voters and those lacking a tertiary education.

LOL! It is my experience that the less-formally-educated country class (working class) on whole are much smarter when it comes to mass immigration then their “tertiary-educated” and politically-correct fellow citizens.

The photo is from this story, although there is no caption, this must be the boatload of Syrians referred to in the article.

* Correction, a reader has reported this boat actually landed in Sicily.  Malta has only gotten a few Syrians, most arriving there are Africans.

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