Rohingya Muslims making a run for Australia; don’t believe Aussies will follow-through on get-tough policy

Here are some snippets of the story from The Sydney Morning Herald last week.

We are expected to believe that each of these Rohingya men and boys found $5000 each to hire people smugglers to get them to Australia (or Thailand)?

There are two things that interest me in this report.  

First and foremost, how do abjectly poor asylum seekers find $5000 each to hire human traffickers?

This is my theory, I believe they are being paid by the likes of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to be the advancing army of Islam into Southeast Asia and Australia.  OIC knows that a demographic war (Al Hijra) is their best bet for world domination and they have been deeply involved in the destabilization of Burma.

The other problem I have with this report is the repetition of the media meme that the Rohingya were just minding their own business in Burma and the Buddhists came after them.  The Rohingya did their share of the killing!

PNG or no PNG, they are coming!

Myanmar’s Rohingya are fleeing their country in unprecedented numbers – and more and more are looking to Australia for sanctuary.

Undeterred by threats of resettlement offshore or years in immigration detention, increasing numbers of Myanmar’s Muslim ethnic minority are paying people smugglers up to $5000 to board boats for a complicated journey through Malaysia, Indonesia and, for those who can afford it, ultimately to Australia.

Advocacy group The Arakan Project estimates 37,000 Rohingya have boarded boats for those three countries in the past 10 months. Few Rohingya fleeing Myanmar have reached Australian shores previously but, following widespread communal violence last year and increasing state-sanctioned oppression since, the numbers have risen exponentially.

Mohammed(s) on the way!

Despite the risks, and Australia’s new “hardline” policy on boat arrivals, Australia is increasingly seen as an attractive option. In Kutupalong refugee camp, Mohammed Zolil says he fled after his two friends were killed in anti-Muslim attacks last year.

“What I hear from other people is it is peaceful in Australia, and so I wish I could go to Australia. I hear a lot of people go to Australia.”

He says Australia’s policy change is known, but people believe their people smugglers over a distant government.

“A few days ago, I’ve heard from someone over the phone that the government does not allow to go inside Australia, they’ll send them somewhere else . . . but even after all this difficulty, still people will try.”

Mohammed Iqbal Hussain, a teacher, says people are encouraged by others who’ve gone before them.  [There is that “sugar on the table” concept again—ed]

So, if you’ve gotten this far and are saying to yourself—too bad for Australia, remember that Rohingya are being resettled in Europe, Canada and the US.  The numbers are small so far, but US contractors, like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops are lobbying the State Department to bring them some Rohingya to add to their refugee diversity in your town!  Read all about it in our Rohingya Reports category with 153 previous posts.

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