Swedes express fear about future of their country as government opens the doors to Syrians

I saw this story this morning on twitter (thanks to Fjordman).  It reports the reaction of Swedes who are willing to tell the truth about what is happening to their country, albeit readers must get through 20 paragraphs or so of blather before getting to the juicy part.  Blather about how “welcoming” Sweden is to immigrants, blather about how generous the socialists of Sweden are, and blather about how they are a bit annoyed at the rest of the world (the US, Russia and Israel specifically) because other countries don’t share their generosity toward immigrants.

As I see it, at least we aren’t as stupid as the Swedes, but we are working on it!

See our earlier post when Sweden announced (for Obama’s benefit) that they were letting in any-and-all Syrians who want to come and live there permanently.

My Imaginary Socialist Swede:  We’ll destroy our country in the process, but we will show those stingy racist Americans what good people we are!

So about twenty paragraphs into this article, the other shoe drops!

Gothenburg Mosque, one of several in the city, was funded by Saudi Arabia

From Digital Journal (emphasis mine);

And here’s where things get a bit sensitive, especially in such an overtly politically correct society as Sweden. Most immigrants, says Scheldt (Gothenburg resident Jonas Scheldt), are “Muslims from harsh backgrounds and traditions.”

“Approximately 10 percent of Sweden today are Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa,” Scheldt continues. “Most of them don’t work. They breed like rabbits. They want special Sharia law. They don’t want music in schools. They’re against homosexuals, abortion, human rights. Some Swedes are becoming afraid of what’s to come in the future.”

Fear for the future of their country. It’s a theme echoed by some of the other Swedes we interviewed.

“Afraid, yes that’s the right word for Swedes,” agrees Weibert.

Fear of increasing crime, which many Swedes blame on the increased immigrant population, is palpable.

“Since we are a socialist country with a ‘humane’ way of thinking, we have been creating problems for ourselves,” argues Weibert. “We have a huge problem right now with segregation and ‘hoods.’

And that’s only because we’ve opened our arms to everybody without having the ability to take care of all the people in the right way. So now we are having problems in Gothenburg with shootings, which take place almost every day now.”

“Crime has gone sky high,” concurs Scheldt. “There were five shootings last week in Gothenburg.”

Such crimes were virtually unheard of a generation ago.

There are other crimes that Swedes blame on immigrants.

“In Malmö the Jews are being persecuted by Muslims because of Israel’s wrongdoing,” adds Scheldt. “Sweden also now has one of the world’s highest rates of rape. When I was young, we didn’t have to lock our doors. Girls are afraid to walk home in the evening. There’s more violence, missing people, trafficking, drugs, killings [and] abuse of the welfare system.”

“Sweden has never been like this before,” Scheldt says. “My 75-year-old father has been knocked down and robbed twice in the past two years. My sister got stabbed.”

Maybe Sweden will wake up in time, but they have such a huge Muslim population now I doubt they can reverse their downward trajectory.  But, look on the bright side—as the country dies, watching the death throes might be enough to shake some sense into other Western countries before it’s too late.    That is why we write about Sweden so often.

About the photo:  You can read about the mosque here at wikipedia.  I had planned to use a photo of Muslim immigrants that was published with the original story this morning, but I see it’s gone.  Funny how the media is so skittish about showing Muslim faces.

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