What is going on in Rhode Island? Another immigrant-run fraud bust!

Less than two weeks ago, we reported on this food stamp fraud bust in Providence.   Now there is news that a Middle Eastern extended family (Lebanese maybe?) has been indicted in a cigarette trafficking scheme with additional charges for food stamp and social security fraud involvement on the side.

For new readers, these fraud stories are a hobby here at RRW while we wait for someone to kindly begin an entire blog on the topic of how immigrants are ripping off the US taxpayer from sea to shining sea.  And, someone needs to figure out how they are buying all of the convenience stores which become their hubs of operation.   I promise you there will be fresh stories daily!

As you read this, remember what open borders lobbyist David Lubell said in a “Welcoming America” press release earlier this week:

…..we recognize the tremendous contributions that immigrants make to the social and economic fabric of American communities.

This is the story of one such creative entrepreneurial family!

Photo from the bust back in May. If anyone finds photos of those indicted, please send them my way!

From the Providence Journal:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — An eighth person and more counts against the initial seven people charged with a cigarette-trafficking operation in May were added in a superseding federal indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Providence on Wednesday, the U.S. Attorney’s office reported Thursday.

The new indictment charges the defendants with conspiracies to defraud the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (known as SNAP and often called the food stamp program) of more than $3 million, and to defraud the Social Security Administration.

The food stamp fraud allegations were added after a federal and state investigation announced Sept. 5.

In May 2013, an indictment charged Wissam Khalil, 40, of Central Falls, a Providence convenience store owner; his brothers Bassam Khalil, 49, and Najd Khalil, 25, of Pawtucket; Abdullah Alnahas, 36, of Cranston, a Providence convenience store owner; Bassam Kiriaki, 45, a Pawtucket accountant; and Richard Larrain, 23, of Providence, an enlisted soldier in the U.S. Army Reserves, in a scheme to possess, transport and distribute contraband cigarettes in Rhode Island.

A seventh defendant, Valeria Mendez (Khalil), 30, of Central Falls, wife of Wissam Khalil, was charged with conspiring to make and making false statements to a government official in an application to the United States Department of Agriculture to participate as a retailer in the food stamp program.

The eighth defendant, Nazir Khalil, 75, is the father of Wissam, Bassam, and Najd Khalil, and lives outside the United States. He is charged with participating in a conspiracy to defraud the Social Security Administration by collecting benefits.

Several of the defendants are additionally charged in the new indictment with conspiracy to engage in money laundering; money laundering; structuring; conspiracy to engage in food stamp fraud; and food stamp fraud.

Also charged was Mashhod Afzal, 25, of North Providence was charged with conspiracy, food stamp fraud and lying to a federal agent,

There is more, read it all!  They set up shell corporations in Virginia and the Army Reserves guy did the trucking dressed in his uniform!   As is almost always the case, I can’t find photos of the perps, nor is there any mention of the immigration status of the family.  The photo above is from this story back in May.

Here is our entire archive on food stamp fraud—note to real investigative reporters, we have done a lot of your homework!  Where are you?  There is enough here for a book!

Go here to find out how to report suspected fraud at your local convenience store!

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