White House recognizes “Welcoming America” Champions of Change

Readers I hope you won’t be too disappointed that I didn’t get around to reporting earlier that this was NATIONAL WELCOMING WEEK  in America and that today Obama recognized ten “champions” who are bringing the joys of immigrant diversity to your cities and towns.  I had this news yesterday, thanks to a friend from Tennessee, but I couldn’t get excited about posting it sooner.

Regular readers will recognize the group “Welcoming America” and its head honcho David Lubell from a couple posts we wrote earlier this summer, here and here.

Check out the ten CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE here.  We only have room to show three, so I’ve chosen three that I know some of our readers will recognize.

By the way, when is someone going to create a NATIONAL TAXPAYER APPRECIATION WEEK where all of those living on social services (including all of the refugee contractors making six-figure salaries) provided by hardworking American taxpayers would hold events, give awards and thank the taxpayers for their service to them.

Here is the Press Release (again sorry you missed hearing about the event earlier):

White House Recognizes Welcoming America Champions of Change

Immigrants Want to Contribute; White House Recognizes Leaders Who are Helping their Communities Seize that Potential During National Welcoming Week

(Washington, D.C.) September 18, 2013 – As the debate in Washington on

Kasar S. Abdulla: Nashville, TN

immigration moves forward, local community leaders across the country are
recognizing that immigrants make us stronger and are working in their
communities to create welcoming climates that harness the economic and
social potential that newcomers bring.

This Thursday, September 19th, the White House will recognize ten
individuals and their innovative efforts to lift up newcomer contributions
and involve the whole community in supporting successful immigrant
integration.  *Ten Welcoming America Champions of Change will be honored in
an event that will be streamed live starting at 1pm EST at
www.whitehouse.gov/live. *

[Again, sorry for any disappointment you are feeling because I didn’t alert you to this live streaming event.—ed]

The Welcoming America Champions of Change include local leaders from across

Jan Reeves: Boise, Idaho

the country whose cutting edge initiatives – from Nashville to Detroit –
demonstrate the growing interest among local communities to ensure that
everyone – including immigrants – have the opportunity to contribute and
succeed.  As the country is reshaped by demographic change, these leaders
offer a fresh vision for how communities can make the most of their

Says Welcoming America Executive Director David Lubell, “At a crucial
moment in our history, the Welcoming America Champions of Change serve as a model for what we can achieve when we recognize the tremendous
contributions that immigrants make to the social and economic fabric of
American communities.  These champions are innovators who are building
stronger communities by helping newcomers succeed, and inviting longer-term
residents to contribute to and share in that success. “

Brenda Zion: Ft. Morgan, Colorado

Welcoming America Champions of Change are being recognized for their

piooneering practices to advance immigrant inclusion in ways that involve
U.S.-born residents and the community as a whole.

The Champions are being honored by the White House during National
Welcoming Week, a nationwide event taking place September 15th-22nd with
more than 100 events across the country that underscore the contributions
of immigrants to local cultural and economic life.

We have written a lot here at RRW about all three of the immigrant-overloaded “diverse” cities of Nashville, TN, Boise, ID and Ft. Morgan, CO and if you use our search function for those cities you will see what I mean.  I know we have posts mentioning Reeves and Zion for sure.

Abdulla is the former director of advocacy for the open borders lobbying group which we have mentioned here dozens of times—Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition. 

For new readers, we have a fact sheet about the Refugee Resettlement Program which is largely responsible for changing Nashville, Boise and Ft. Morgan, here, just below our header.

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