Best analysis yet of Somali apartment explosion at Gates of Vienna

Minneapolis: Somali neighbors listen to fire chief John Fruetel’s explanation of what he thinks happened. Pioneer Press: Jean Pieri

Update January 6th:  Yesterday GOV published a new piece (Part I) analyzing the crime scene, here. Very cool!

Blogger Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna has been spending a lot of time analyzing the public story about the New Years Day explosion and fire in the “Little Mogadishu” neighborhood of Minneapolis and raises more questions then we have answers for.  Why was the building so hastily demolished?  Who were the men in the second floor apartment where the explosion originated?  One question that jumped out at me originally too was why was the now believed to be deceased Mrimri Farah, a man over military age, doing military work for the US in Iraq?  Why was the fire chief running to the media right away and speculating about a natural gas leak?  More!

Read it all by clicking here.  (Hat tip: Deb)

Note that Bodissey has suggested you should contact members of the House Homeland Security Committee (he lists members who might listen) to urge an investigation.

By the way, Rep. Peter King of New York has held hearings on radicalization centered on this very same community in Minneapolis (here in 2011).  This is the same neighborhood from which a still undetermined number of Somali youths returned to Somalia for Jihad training beginning in around 2007-2008, here.

For readers new to the explosion story, one earlier post here at RRW is here, follow links to earlier and subsequent posts.

Photo is from this earlier Pioneer Press report.

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