They are at it again! “Active Voice” promotes another immigrant propaganda film; will air on Al Jazeera

Longtime readers may remember “Active Voice” as the Far Left/Open borders promoters of that propaganda film about Shelbyville, TN which portrayed local critics of the growing Somali population there as a bunch of redneck boobs who eventually saw the light and reached out with “welcoming” arms to the Africans drawn there by Tyson Foods (looking for cheap legal laborers with the help of the US State Department).

The US State Department even showed the Shelbyville film throughout Africa and Europe!

We have an extensive archive on “Welcome to Shelbyville” here.  Be sure to see this post in which reporter Brian Mosely sets the record straight about how he was misled by the filmmakers and how the filmmakers/promoters demonized him and the city of Shelbyville.  Mosely in 2011:

I never imagined three and a half years ago that simply telling a story honestly could lead to being demonized on national television, in a film sponsored by our own government, no less.

Active Voice propagandists working on Shelbyville strategy “prototype” in 2011.

And, you should know about some of the wealthy people who give big bucks to Active Voice, check out this post.

This is how the Left does it!  Active Voice makes or uses a ‘diversity is beautiful’ film to be shown on Al Jazeera and in your local schools, and they build a whole public relations campaign around it.  Behind it all are one-worlders (Soros!) whose goal it is to eliminate borders throughout the world and to provide slave laborers to their big business buddies as a side benefit.

Here is an idea, let’s make a film about the brutal Utah murder case and build a PR campaign around it!   We could call it Beware immigrant rapists, killers and crooks among us!  Time for us to tell “stories” too!  Our message would be to strengthen our sovereignty and preserve our culture by making it more difficult to get access to America.

Speaking of crooks, I’ve got another juicy immigrant food stamp fraud story to get to this morning.

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