More on that mysterious fire in Minneapolis Somali neighborhood

If yesterday was Hmong day at RRW, it looks like today is shaping up to be Somali day!

Authorities destroyed evidence immediately following the blast and fire.

Bloggers and researchers at Gates of Vienna have produced further documentation that the government has not fully investigated the New Years Day explosion and fire in a Somali apartment building that took several lives.  For new readers, our previous posts are here.

Below is blogger Baron Bodissey introducing the latest portion of their investigation which leads to a connection between the building and the Somali terror group al-Shabaab.

The day after last month’s explosion and fire at 514 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis, an FBI agent named Greg Boosalis reassured Minnesotans that there was no evidence of terrorist activity in connection with the devastating explosion.

I wondered at the time — and still wonder — how the FBI could be so certain less than forty-eight hours after the blast that no terrorism was involved. The immediate neighborhood of the demolished building is a known hotbed of terrorist activity, and is especially notorious for the recruitment of mujahideen and funds for the jihad being waged by al-Shabaab in Somalia.

As it turns out, the FBI was absolutely derelict in ruling out a terrorist connection with 514 Cedar Avenue South. Our Minnesota correspondent Henrietta has examined property and business license records for the city of Minneapolis, and found a clear trail leading from the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque to the destroyed building, and from there to a pair of convicted money-launderers for al-Shabaab.

Go to GOV for the paper trail which demonstrates the kind of work that investigative reporters used to do, but now is being done by diligent citizens!

Also for new readers, this 2011 post—Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis—is almost every day one of our top most-read posts.  Thank the US State Department and its contractors—Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities and World Relief MN—and the generous welfare supplied by Minnesota taxpayers!

Now they have moved on to bringing the same to St. Cloud—next!

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