Fox News’ Tucker Carlson hounded for his comments on refugees

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson brought out the dogs with refugee comment.

The interview that NewsHounds reported on here last Wednesday happened earlier in February.  Carlson was interviewing Michael Cutler on the issue of asylum fraud and the Obama Administration’s relaxation of security screening for refugees and asylum seekers.

I had never heard of NewsHoundswe watch Fox News so you don’t have to–a Leftwing blog originally launched with the help of  They assure us that they are not funded by George Soros here.

LOL!  Here is the crux of what the sanctimonious blogger Priscilla says of Carlson (I’m reading NewsHounds so you don’t have to!):

Here we go with the tired old Statue of Liberty mythology, and Carlson is a “total dick!” 


The Statue of Liberty is considered a beacon of freedom whose message to the world is to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” But Emma Lazarus’s eloquent phrases mean nothing to scion of white privilege, Tucker Carlson, who is aghast that his country would welcome those whose lives have been torn asunder by political upheavals and other circumstances which necessitate their seeking asylum here. Earlier this month (February 8th), Tucker Carlson hosted an anti-immigration spokesperson for a biased discussion of how changes in asylum rules are threatening our freedom. In railing against asylum policies, Tucker Carlson, showed us, once again, why he is such a total dick!

Can you believe it, Carlson said the US government’s job is to protect American citizens (gasp!).  And, Carlson asked the unforgivable question, why is it our moral obligation to take all these refugees? 

Priscilla continues:

This newest right wing fear factor was part and parcel of Carlson’s interview with Michael Cutler who writes for a white nationalist publication and is a fellow with the CaliforniaCenter for Population Stabilization, a hate group which is funded by the white supremacist Pioneer Fund.

Carlson described the new policy, in fair & balanced terms. Just kidding he referred to it as “ripping the immigration door off of its hinges.” In introducing his guest, a former ICE agent, Carlson said he “could hardly believe” the policy is “real.” Cutler claimed that these people, coming from countries with terrorism, won’t be sufficiently vetted and cited an example of past asylum seekers who were engaged in crime. The chyron framed the Fox propaganda: “Asylum Outrage.” He continued to discuss the “national security” implications of this policy which will “put Americans at risk.”

Carslon said “the whole thing is crazy” and asserted that “the US government has only one job and that’s to look out for the welfare of American citizens.”  He asked

“why is letting in refugees, or people who claim they are, I mean the refugees, you know half the world has refugee status, India, why do I have a moral obligation to do that as an American, I’m totally confused by this.”

Carlson then made one more assertion that drives them wild—if we let them all in they will all become Democratic voters.

“it’s more than compassion, these people will become voters, many of them will become voters, trust me, they’re part of the Obama coalition and the enemy, they will be Democratic voters, the numbers show it, the Obama coalition and the enemy.”

And, in case you missed it in the opening, Carlson is a “total dick!”  (Sorry, but am just quoting Priscilla)

So according to Tucker Carlson, refugees from war torn countries should not be allowed into the country because it’s not his moral obligation and because they might vote Democratic. One thing is for sure, that kind of “Christian” attitude won’t be growing the GOP anytime soon. The America of Fox News is not the America represented on Lady Liberty. At least that’s what Tucker Carlson thinks! What a total dick!

Thanks NewsHounds!   I missed the Carlson interview and wouldn’t have known about it but for your reporting.  Anyone who can infuriate you on this subject is a new hero of mine!

Four Members of Congress ask GAO for study on asylum fraud

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) one of four Members looking for answers on the cost to the taxpayers of asylum fraud.

Last night I was going through news I’ve missed lately and found this excellent Newsmax story by Cheryl Chumley. Besides the encouraging news about a GAO study in the opening paragraphs, the article is a thorough source of information on what is happening with asylum and how asylees relate to resettled refugees.

I encourage you to read the whole article.

Our present asylum system came out of the Refugee Act of 1980 (Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter), so refugee resettlement and asylum are two sides of the same coin.   We, with the UN, select refugees and fly them here.  Asylum seekers get into the US often illegally, or overstay a visa, and then ask for asylum.  Once granted asylum, the asylee gets all the welfare goodies that refugees receive (and can avail themselves of the services of the contractors).  See our fact sheet, here.

Although to be commended for asking for a GAO study, if Goodlatte, Gowdy and others really wanted to do something they would hold hearings on the entire Refugee Program with the eye to reforming it!  (Never been done!)

See also all of our recent posts on asylum fraud by clicking hereSeventy fraudsters (at least) likely residing in Maryland.

From Newsmax (emphasis is mine):

Four Republican congressmen have asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate the U.S. asylum process after a leaked Department of Homeland Security report showed that up to 70 percent of cases contained proven or possible fraud.

“Once individuals are granted asylum in the U.S., they become immediately eligible for all major federal welfare programs. And if, as it appears, asylum fraud is rampant in the system, American taxpayers could potentially be defrauded out of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars each year,” House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia wrote to the GAO.   [Letter is here—-ed]

Also signing the letter were House Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee Chairman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, and Reps. Lamar Smith of Texas and Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

“For years, there have been reports of abuse in the asylum program; we are troubled by a continued lack of appropriate oversight by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the component of the Department of Homeland Security that administers the asylum program,” Goodlatte said in an introduction to the letter.

Goodlatte referred to a report from DHS written in 2009 that was recently obtained by the House Judiciary Committee, revealing that 70 percent or more of affirmative asylum cases from 2005 showed signs of fraud.

Read it all.

Another GAO study

Speaking of GAO studies, a few years ago then Senator Lugar of Indiana requested a study on the Refugee Resettlement program that had overloaded the state of Indiana with needy third-worlders.  That study produced some useful information, but I’m sure the resettlement industry just ignored it.  Or worse, used it to demand more federal $$$ for resettlement in over-loaded communities.

Two years after it was requested, here is the Lugar-generated GAO study.

Saudi-fathered children living in Syrian refugee camps

According to this story in Arab News, Saudi men went to Syria in recent years (for what?), fathered children and then abandoned the new wife and child.  Those ‘wives’ and children (who are Saudi nationals) are living in refugee camps.

Kids in Jordanian refugee camp. Which ones are Saudis?

By the way, we have reported many times recently that Saudi Arabia takes no refugees and is in fact busy with un-diversifying (is that a word?) itself, here.  No multiculturalism for S.A.!

Arab News (emphasis is mine):

Local human rights organizations are demanding that government agencies track down the Saudi biological fathers of children born to Syrian women who have since become refugees in Jordan and Turkey in the wake of the Syrian civil war.

These citizens-turned-refugees have no documents to prove that they are Saudi nationals.

“Many Saudis visited Syria before the Syrian revolution and married Syrian women, with whom they had children. These children were abandoned by their fathers and now face uncertain future after the war in Syria,” said Mohammed Al-Turkawi, a member of the Syrian opposition living in Jeddah.

“These families should contact the Saudi embassies in Jordan and Turkey to find solutions.”
“There are no accurate figures on the number of undocumented Saudis living in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey,” Al-Turkawi told Arab News. A local newspaper reported that the Saudi Embassy in Amman confirmed that it was taking care of local Saudi refugees.

According to the report, the embassy pays monthly sums to 26 Saudi families in Jordan and ensures that they are sheltered. The report also states that they are looking for their fathers with the cooperation of several Kingdom-based organizations.

Yet many of these men deny ever having been married.

“It is a shame to know that there are Saudis out there who have been abandoned by their fathers and who have no choice but to live with their mothers at these refugee camps,” said Suhaila Zain Al-Abdeen, a female Saudi member of the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR).

This little nugget at the end was interesting.  After all the belly-aching from surrounding countries to which the Syrians have fled, there is an economic bright side (who knew!).

While some view the Syrian refugee crisis as a burden on the country’s infrastructure and scarce natural resources, such as water, many Jordanian commercial and industrial representatives regard the refugee phenomenon as the driving force behind new local economic opportunities.