UK: Muslim immigrants make their move to take over public schools

Since we are on the subject of the stealth jihad this morning, I found it amusing that staunch defender of Muslim immigration to Canada, Doug Saunders, says it is illogical that people would make the difficult move to a faraway land while hating the place they moved to and wishing to change it.

Doug Sanders: they just want to be like us!

See our Canada post earlier today.  I didn’t give you anything from Muslim apologist Saunders, but this is what he said in a recent debate with Dr. Salim Mansur.

The Globe and Mail columnist also addressed concerns that Muslim immigrants will eventually attempt to impose Sharia law in Canada, enacting edicts that oppose secular values, oppress women’s rights, and discriminate against homosexuals.


“This narrative is built on a basic fallacy,” Saunders stated. “Why would any family endure the trouble and expense of immigrating to a faraway country because they hate its ways? People generally immigrate to places whose values and institutions they find agreeable.”

Saunders needs to tell that to the Muslims in the UK who are now making a move to take over some public schools according to The Mail (Islamist plot dubbed ‘Trojan Horse’ to replace teachers in Birmingham schools with radicals).  Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers.’

Muslim fundamentalists are plotting to take over state schools, according to leaked documents.

Activists have launched a campaign to oust headteachers using dirty tricks such as spreading false allegations and packing governing bodies with their supporters.

The plot, which ringleaders have named Operation Trojan Horse, has emerged in documents drawn up by the group and leaked to a local newspaper.

The dossier names several schools in the Birmingham area as targets of alleged plots.

The authors of the documents discuss extending the ‘jihad’ operation to Bradford and Manchester – cities with rapidly growing Muslim populations.

Read it all.

So, I would ask Mr. Saunders what is the difference between Canada’s Muslims and those in the UK?  Only one difference as far as I can see, the numbers are not yet great enough in Canada, but they will be one day.

Where is the Muslim population in the US distributed most heavily, see our much-visited post here.  Some states may surprise you!

Comment worth noting: MNGOP endorses Somali candidate (he has our values?)

Reader ‘wisdombegins’ has sent us the comment below.

I wish I had time to do this topic justice, but please follow the links sent by our reader.  A week or so ago we told you that the MNGOP moved its offices to be near “everyday Minnesotans.”

And, don’t forget the Center for Security Policy’s recent report about the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence on the GOP, here.

And, just this week the Republican-dominated Virginia legislature commended the notorious Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center.  So what is happening to the GOP?

From ‘wisdombegins:’

Please take note. The Minnesota GOP has endorsed

Abdimalik Askar

Everything about his life has been taxpayer funded! The reason he wants school choice is because he is a believer in taxpayer funded Islamic Charter Schools! That is his primary objective. This is truly Creeping Sharia!

The Republican Party needs to ask him how he feels about: 1. Separation of Church and State 2. Upholding laws that protect young girls from Genital Mutilation 3. Voter ID laws 4. Enforcing laws against the practice of Polygamy

Maybe you can think of some more carefully worded questions that would reveal Mr. Askar’s true objectives.

Readers, especially our new ones! This is a good time to visit a very old post by another commenter, Avi, about the Muslim Brotherhood’s quiet Jihad in Minnesota.

Canadian (Muslim!) professor: Canada has disarmed itself by swallowing the toxin of multiculturalism

…..and, if Canada has, surely the US is worse because a debate like this one (hosted in part by a mainstream news outlet) would never even happen in America!  Frankly, even our major immigration control groups don’t have the nerve to address this issue publicly!

Dr. Salim Mansur has called for a moratorium on immigration to Canada from Muslim countries.

Here is the story from Israel National News.   Isn’t that funny that this account of what happened is published in Israel.  The only other report I saw in Canada was one blasting the professor for his “Islamophobia!”

Emphasis below is mine:

The MacDonald-Laurier Institute and the Globe and Mail held a public conference recently on the phenomenon of Muslim immigration to the West, which debated whether or not the influx is bringing a culture of violence to Canada and other Western countries.

The debate was conducted between Doug Saunders, journalist for Foreign Affairs for the Globe and Mail, and Salim Mansur, a Political Science professor at the University of Western Ontario, reports Shalom Toronto.

The two addressed the following questions: Are immigrants from Muslim countries bringing violence and values ​​that are inconsistent with Western values​​? Are Muslim immigrants integrating into Western society in the same ways that other ethnic minorities do? And, is Muslim immigration a threat to Canada or West?

Interestingly, it was the political science professor – who is, himself, Muslim – who maintained that Islam remains a threat to Canadian society.

You can read what Saunders had to say and then this is what Dr. Mansur warns us about:

“Canadians’ mistaken notion that all cultures are equal has disarmed this nation in the confrontation with the illiberal demands of radical Islam,” he fired, noting he was “drawing upon – as an immigrant, as a person of color and as a Muslim – inside knowledge of and lived experience in the cultures of both liberal democracy and Islam.”

“A liberal-democratic society based on individual rights, freedom, and the rule of law cannot indefinitely accommodate non-liberal or illiberal demands from immigrant groups without subverting its own culture,” Mansur noted. He then identified three risk factors: the rise in birthrates among the Muslim community, the nature of Muslim culture and its relationship to non-Muslim cultures, and the West’s multiculturalism.

Statistics cited by the professor include proof that the foreign-born population in Canada has become predominantly non-Western since 1967, especially in major city centers, and that the Muslim immigrant population is growing four times faster than other immigrant populations.

As a culture, Mansur stressed, Islam became a “rigid, closed system” during the 14th century, as a result of a heavy Bedouin influence. Mansur maintains that early Islam found Bedouin culture “savage” – but it nonetheless prevailed.

“The full face of this Bedouin-ized Islamic culture that has wrecked the diversity of the Muslim world from within is to be seen in the bigotry, violence, vulgarity and misogyny of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Khomeini followers,” Mansur noted. “It is the nature of mainstream contemporary Muslim politics – or Islamism – to conform to the Bedouin disposition.”

This disposition, Mansur claimed, characterizes contemporary Islamic values – even in immigrant communities. The things heard in Canadian mosques are “intractably opposed to liberal democracy,” and aim to “ruin from within” Canadian and Western values, according to the Professor.

Multiculturalism, meanwhile, threatens to allow this attitude to rear its ugly head in the political sphere, according to Mansur.

“In having swallowed the toxin of official multiculturalism, Canada has disarmed itself of the ability to discriminate between immigrant groups which are importing cultural baggage that is harmless, and those that are toxic to the values of liberal democracy,” Mansur concludes.

Time for a little more debate in America about the forbidden ‘M’ words—-Muslims, multiculturalism, and moratorium!