Hong Kong court: refugees cannot work here

The Court was concerned about “immigration control!”

This is a case followed closely by the human rights industrial complex around the globe.  Was George Soros paying for it?

The decision has them seething.

Honestly though most “refugees” and “asylum seekers” are not persecuted people, but are economic migrants looking for work and social services.   When access to those things are easily obtained, more will simply arrive in the country.  See Germany and Sweden which are inviting them and Israel which is attempting to remove them.

This decision is clearly designed to keep the flood gates closed in Hong Kong.

From a pro-open borders website, Refugee Work Rights:

Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal recently delivered a highly disappointing judgment in GA. v. Director of Immigration, unanimously deciding that refugees may be denied a right to work in the country. The decision, which has received considerable international attention, has been widely criticized by the public as unjust, inhumane and lacking in common sense.

Although Hong Kong’s law currently provides that asylum seekers, recognized refugees and torture claims may be granted “discretionary permission” to work by the Director of Immigration, in practice, this discretion is rarely exercised. As a result, these individuals are forced to reside in often-intolerable living conditions, work illegally and rely on a minimal government-backed allowance. With only approximately one hundred refugees in the territory, there is little weight to the argument that extending the right to work to refugees would have any notable impact upon Hong Kong’s labor market.

I think in fact the court used “common sense” by understanding that there are only a hundred “refugees” in the territory and not 1,000 or 10,000 simply because they can’t work or get handouts.

Tarnished reputation (ho-hum!):

The decision further entrenches an inadequate asylum policy in the territory, and thus, Hong Kong now must face its tarnished reputation as one of the few developed countries in the world who bans recognized refugees from fulfilling their fundamental right to work.

Who says it’s a fundamental right to work?

I just searched for any complaints at Refugee Work Rights about Saudi Arabia and its treatment of “refugee” workers, I could find nothing.  They must be too blank to take on the Saudis!

Germany overloaded with asylum seekers, tensions rise

The first thing I noticed in this Deutsche Welle “news” story is the number of times the reporter was able to get the words “right-wing” into one report!  Check it out yourself (for a chuckle)!

Readers, we report refugee and asylum news from around the world so that you know how far ahead some countries are with their own cultural/demographic decline and the political backlash coming from the citizens.  And, we have a substantial readership particularly in Europe, Canada and Australia.

Sweden is probably the farthest along in its demographic “change,” but Germany is trying hard to catch up as it, along with Sweden, welcomes large numbers of so-called asylum seekers across their borders.   Germany has invited 10,000 Syrians to enter Germany this year on top of the Afghans and other Middle Easterners flowing over their borders.  Most of the illegal aliens are economic migrants and will have no legitimate claim to asylum.

Pro Asyl’s Burkhardt: Silence the “right-wing propaganda” and allow only our socialist propaganda. So, who are the real fascists?

The Deutsche Welle “news” is really no new news, just a rehash and a call to silence the “propaganda” of the “right-wing!”  Emphasis is mine:

 In the Bavarian city of Fichtelberg on a Saturday afternoon in January 2014, a group of men pushed their way into a refugee shelter. Dressed in black and partially masked, the intruders stopped at the stairwell and began yelling, according to sources quoted in the local newspaper “Nordbayerische Kurier.”

Nobody in the shelter, however, understood what the men were shouting as most of the refugees had just arrived in Bavaria and spoke no German. After the shouting, the black-clad group quickly left the refugee shelter.

Arson attacks, broken windows and racists slurs painted on buildings are among the rising number of right-wing acts of aggression against refugee shelters across Germany. The Federal Criminal Police (BKA) registered 59 right-wing offenses in 2013, more then twice as many as the year before.

Fear that the “right-wingers” will join forces with the regular German folks!  Eeek!

The German government also said it is concerned by the BKA statistics. “The right-wing scene turned noticeably against asylum seekers in 2013,” Pamela Müller-Niese, a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior, said in a statement.

The number of asylum seekers in 2013 reached its highest level since 1999. A total of some 127,000 people from Syria, Afghanistan and other hot spots in the world fled to Germany last year. To accommodate them, numerous cities have converted empty schools and military barracks into temporary housing.

In many places, however, residents feel ignored, and right-wing extremists have taken advantage of the situation by joining anti-asylum protests in their neighborhood. Such was the case in Berlin-Hellersdorf. The situation there became so tense last year that refugees required police protection to enter their housing units.

“The far-right is trying to exploit the mood in many parts of the population,” said Günter Burkhardt. “There’s an attempt to connect to the middle of society.” [This Deutsche-Welle “news” story is designed to warn-off the middle of society from any association with the “far-right.”—-ed]

Interior Ministry spokeswoman Müller-Niese also said there were concerns about the right-wing appealing to more of society by hyping allegations of “asylum abuse.”

Half of Germans say the country already has too many asylum seekers, according to Funke.

The real fascists in Germany are those who want to silence the people!

Pro Asyl‘s Burkhardt called on politicians to take responsibility for curbing the right-wing’s populist propaganda in Germany. He said there needs to be a clear commitment to the basic right of asylum and corresponding measures that allow asylum seekers to integrate in Germany.

Burkhardt goes on to say, give the asylum seekers apartments and jobs which I suspect is the thing that will infuriate the “middle of society” the most, and it will attract more migrants to Germany!