The feds and contractors need to find more resettlement towns and cities

The ones they have are at the saturation point and so the hunt is on!  (Get it Wyoming!)

It’s been on actually for some time, but last summer the State Department (PRM) and the Dept. of Health and Human Services (ORR) began to spell out what they are looking for in a “welcoming” community.  They published their ‘guidance’  in a boring-sounding report entitled, ‘Key Indicators for Refugee Placement in FY 2014.’  

I had the report, but had filed it away for a slow day, which didn’t come until last week.

Bottomline is that they want to find out where they can get the best goodies for refugees in a welcoming atmosphere!  They have compiled state data for “stakeholders:”

…including state-by-state employment rates, health insurance access, average housing costs and state minimum wages.

They have had eleven meetings since 2011, some are conference calls, but others are site visits like one they described in Minnesota:

ORR and PRM staff conducted a joint site visit to Minnesota and engaged with representatives of a resettlement agency, area service providers and the state and local government to discuss resettlement needs and gauge local support and capacity for new resettlement possibilities.  [They love that word capacity!—-ed]

See the full report, we will have more to say about it in coming days.

See our ‘where to find information’ category for more on reports like this one, statistics etc. that you will need to educate your communities.

Georgia: Immigrant fraudsters file phoney tax return in Eric Holder’s name

Diversity is beautiful alert!

They look to be Ethiopians, possibly refugees (or children of refugees) since we resettle so many Ethiopians.  In fact, one of the nine major federal contractors is the Ethiopian Community Development Council.  So, only their resettlement contractor knows for sure if this pair of dim bulbs is here gratis the US taxpayer!

Yafait Tadesse

From the UK Daily Mail  (Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’).  The story was from last week while I was away:

The crime of identity theft has become so rampant in the Internet age that not even the top law enforcement official in the land is safe.

Federal prosecutors say 21-year-old Yafait Tadesse of Carrollton, Georgia, has been sentenced for using the identities of more than 10 people — including U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder — in an identity theft and tax fraud scheme.

He will get one year and one day in prison!  How about deportation?

Authorities said Wednesday Tadesse was sentenced to a year and one day in prison in connection to the brazen plot. He was also ordered to pay more than $4,000 to the IRS in restitution.

Eyaso Abebe

According to prosecutors, Tadesse and his co-defendant, 20-year-old Eyaso Abebe, obtained names and Social Security numbers from a website that publishes information belonging to unsuspecting victims.

There is nothing to indicate that Mr Holder, who has served as Attorney General of the United States since 2009, was specifically targeted by the duo because of his position in the Obama administration.

Prosecutors said Tadesse and Abebe filed tax returns claiming that all their victims – including Attorney General Holder – worked at Walmart and had similar incomes.

There is more, read it all.

Come to think of it, Wyoming will probably get a few of these “hardship” cases since Georgia is fed up with them.

Wyoming: Governor Mead wants a “plan” for refugees

Governor Matt Mead invited the federal government in to help Wyoming “plan” for refugees. Makes me wonder if he is pals with open borders Republican Grover Norquist.

Update March 19:  Wyoming had 5 refugees in FY2012, so someone is selling the Governor a bill of goods!  Not exactly a flood moving to the state!

He says they are already coming, so they need a plan or another government program.  Mead:

With or without a program, the issue is real -– this is already evident in some of our Wyoming communities as refugees find their way to our state.

Let me say at the outset that I don’t fault the governor for not understanding how refugee resettlement works, heck it has taken me and other critics years to understand even a small portion of it because of the profound secrecy with which the federal government agencies (US State Department and US Dept. of Health and Human Services) with their quasi-government contractors operate, and because of the complexity of the program itself.

The governor in his op-ed published in the Star Tribune yesterday said they need a plan for Wyoming because the refugees are already coming.

What the governor doesn’t get is that if they are coming already they are secondary migrants NOT newly resettled refugees.   They are just like anyone else who might move to Wyoming because this is America and they can.  Wyoming doesn’t need a federal contractor for immigrant in-migration anymore than they would for an American moving over from Colorado.  Their poster boy, Bertine Bahige, is a secondary migrant.

Secondary migrants are not under the care of a resettlement contractor like the secretive Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains that would like to be the federal contractor bringing NEW refugees to Wyoming via the US State Department.  The “refugee,” now a secondary migrant, has already gotten his introduction (his package of goodies) to America in some other state.

If secondary migrants are coming in any large numbers to Wyoming they are either coming there because there is some industry luring them (like BIG MEAT in some other western states), or Wyoming has generous welfare benefits like Minnesota and Maine.

Here is more of what Republican Mead (who sounds like a big D) said in defending his position in what has become a hot-potato issue in Wyoming:

There have been recent discussions about refugees coming to Wyoming. It is an important issue as refugees are coming now and have been coming to Wyoming with our state having no plan or say on the matter. Questions of what, if any, resources are being used and how they are used remain unanswered. We are the only state in the country without a plan or process.

So it is clear … refugees are people who are in the United States legally after being vetted by the Office of Homeland Security and others. The program started following World War II to address a number of Europeans who were displaced by the war. Sadly, conditions exist in places around the globe where people are faced with hardships so severe that they must flee their homes in order to be safe. These men, women and children are fleeing persecution, torture, violence and war. There is understandable sympathy for these people. The United States has set standards to evaluate the conditions that qualify a person for refugee status.

As refugees have been coming to Wyoming –without a plan or program – I felt it important to learn more about what is done in Wyoming. The United States accommodates a relatively small number of people from around the world when refuge is needed. Most refugees choose to stay in our nation’s larger cities. A small number are choosing a rural state like Wyoming. It is a responsibility to our taxpayers to know, as refugees come to Wyoming, what is the impact.

Again, the governor confuses secondary migrants with newly resettled refugees who are under the care and control of a contractor for only 3-6 months, then they are free to strike out on their own and move elsewhere (presumably without any hand-holding from government agencies).

Although, one caveat, is that the contractors are now expanding their “services” in order to get more federal grants for such things as “healthy marriage programs” (where the contractor gets the taxpayer $$$, not the state), but the contractor needs a large “refugee” population in a specific community to get those.

If he would like to know more about such migrants, check out St. Cloud, MN, Lewiston, ME, or Ft. Morgan, CO.  I doubt there will be a great migration of them to Wyoming any time soon.   However, if he sets up a “program” with Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains, he will indeed start the flow to Wyoming because LFSRM will, after resettling the ‘seed community’ then apply for all the family members to follow (they are paid by the head for those too!).

They (the feds and the contractors) need Wyoming because they are running out of “welcoming” communities elsewhere!

All of our coverage of the Governor’s appeal to bring in the federal government to help determine the demographic future of Wyoming may be found by clicking here.

Photo:  my reference to Norquist is because Norquist and pal Suhail Khan recently got up a letter pushing for more refugee resettlement.