Someone is selling Wyoming governor a bill of goods!

Wyoming had 5 eligible “refugees” in the state in FY2012 and the Governor thinks they need a federal plan?

This week we reported on Wyoming Governor Matt Mead’s op-ed in which he said Wyoming needed a plan (with the feds and their contractors) to cope with the “refugees” already arriving in Wyoming.  I wondered what the heck he was talking about.

This morning I’m working on another post on the ‘Key Indicators for Refugee Placement FY2014,’ that is the planning document the US State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (in Health and Human Services) are using to determine if your town or city has the “capacity” and the “welcoming” attitude needed for a refugee resettlement seed community.

I wish I could reproduce it here, but see the figures for FY2012 in this table (p.3-4).  It is a state-by-state review of how many refugees/asylees etc. came to your state and what goodies they get there.

By the way, don’t be fooled (don’t start salivating for federal dollars!) by that last column which lists the federal $$$ going to your state—the majority goes to the CONTRACTOR to spend, it is not money that goes into your state or city coffers for your local leaders to decide where to soften the refugee impact.

And, always keep in mind there are NO FINANCIAL AUDITS of the contractors!

So get this Wyoming!

Go to pages 3 & 4 of ‘Key indicators….’  You had a whopping 5 (five!) refugees in Wyoming in FY2012.   And, those were asylees!  Asylees have been granted asylum.  They got into the US illegally (Mexicans are now asking for asylum) or overstayed a visa, claimed they would be persecuted if sent home and were granted asylum.  We recently reported that a Congressional hearing revealed that as many as 70% of those granted asylum may have made fraudulent claims.

For readers new to this subject, the most recent ‘famous’ aslyees were the Boston Bombers!

So Governor Mead wants to turn over Wyoming’s demographic future to the feds for a handful of asylees, another handful of secondary migrants, and a handful of change from the federal taxpayer?   It will be more than a handful of refugees once Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains gets its foot in the door.

Residents of Casper and Gillette must speak up before it’s too late!

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