Is your state attracting “secondary migrants?” Minnesota tops the list

Secondary migrants are refugees who were settled first by the US State Department and a contractor in one state, but choose to move usually because they want to be with their own kind of people, or they find employment and/or social services more desirable elsewhere.

When we first began writing this blog in 2007, we were told it was impossible to track the secondary migrants because it’s America and no one has to report where they move to.  Indeed over the last 40 years we have admitted over 3 million refugees, so no one could possibly track them.  So, I was surprised to see that in ‘Key Indicators for Refugee Placement FY2014’ the feds are reporting that they have tracked secondary migrants, but surely (the numbers are so small) it must be the most recently resettled ones that are being tracked.

I don’t know what they mean when they say “states report” (page 9).  Who in the “state” is keeping track, the non-government contractors, or some agency of state government?

  Each year states report on the number of refugees and entrants who moved to a different state outside of their original resettlement location.

Check out the list!

Top five states with the most out-migration are:  Arizona, California, New York, Texas and Pennsylvania  (but as a percentage of the huge numbers resettled in CA, NY and TX these numbers are probably not that meaningful).

States with the most in-migration of secondary migrants are:  MN (by a huge margin), OH, Iowa, FL and OK.

Secondary migrants are surely the reason the St. Cloud, MN Somali population is booming.

Our previous posts on this important document, Key Indicators…., are here.

NY: Syrian wants to withdraw guilty plea in shoe beating death

Update April 29th:  He tried to get his guilty plea withdrawn but judge denies it, gets 18 years to life (yippee!), here.

Yesterday we reported on the Afghan refugee brothers (also in a NY suburban area) who used knives as a weapon of choice, while this evil Syrian beat his girlfriend to death with her shoe!

Here is the gist of the story, from Lohud (Journal News) again thanks to crime sleuth ‘pungentpeppers:’

How would you like this guy in your neighborhood?

A 66-year-old Syrian national will learn April 8 whether he can withdraw his guilty plea to beating his former girlfriend to death with her shoe in her Wesley Hills bedroom or face 18 years to life in prison.

A decision expected Tuesday has been adjourned for Riad Dib as lawyers for the prosecution and defense file legal papers with Rockland County Court Judge William Nelson.

Dib pleaded guilty in September to murdering 68-year-old Cecile Garbarino, whose battered and bloody body was found Jan. 25, 2013. Dib and Garbarino had broken off their relationship.


Dib, who made a 911 call to report Garbarino’s death, beat her for more than two hours, crushing bones in her face, Ramapo police said. When she tried to use the telephone to call for help, police said, Dib punched and kicked her repeatedly, cracking her ribs and causing internal injuries.

Who is this murderer and how did he lie his way into the US?  We don’t really know, but ‘pp’ found a few more articles that add to the mystery.

Garbarino, an elementary school secretary, suffered a two-hour-long “barbaric beating” before her death.

Here it is reported that he is a priest, which of course would mean he is a Christian Syrian, or says he is:

Police said Dib’s Syrian passport identified his profession as a priest. He has a permanent residency card dated 2006.

Then here he claims to have been a “judge” in Syria:

Police said they know little about Dib, who apparently told investigators he once served as a judge in his native Syria.


Police said he had an expired security guard license and ran a business called RD Distributors out of the Grandview address.


Police said the house was filled with Christian symbols.

Does no curious reporter ever ask how people like Dib got into America in the first place—that is always my number one burning question.

What LEGAL avenue did this monster use to migrate here and live among us?

Speaking of Syrians, I haven’t seen any news yet on how many the Obama Administration is going to allow into the US this year, have you?  Originally they talked about 2,000 but some of the contractors want 12,000 or more.

Human Rights First legal team arriving in Houston in the nick of time!

Mostly men from Central America ‘saved’ from Houston “stash house.”

Surely you heard the news about 100 plus Central American illegal aliens held in a “stash house” in Houston this week.  The story broke a couple of days ago, coincidentally about the same time that Human Rights First announced its new legal office would be opening in, wait for it, Houston!

You can bet most of these 100 ‘persecuted’ Central Americans will be looking to file asylum claims—a growing worldwide racket!  Human Rights First will be there to help.

We wrote about the invasion of Europe this week, this is the invasion of America!

From the Houston Chronicle (op-ed from HRF):

Houston asylum seekers! We are on our way!

Asylum seekers in Houston come from dozens of countries – from Honduras to Congo, from Belarus to Bhutan. They are victims of torture, survivors of genocide, women fleeing the threat of rape, honor killings and sometimes brutal domestic violence, former political prisoners, or minorities persecuted because of their race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. The United States has a well-deserved reputation for welcoming persecuted refugees. But we fall short when they are left to sort out their legal status without the help of a lawyer.

Some 75 percent of immigrants detained in Houston have no legal representation; the rate is only somewhat better for those who are not detained. This in a system where having a lawyer can mean all the difference. Houston’s eight legal service providers are overstretched, and most do not specialize in helping refugees seeking asylum.

To help meet this urgent need, the nonprofit Human Rights First is bringing its award-winning pro bono operation to Houston. Human Rights First has more than three decades of experience in this field. Through a proven partnership with private law firms, it recruits and trains attorneys to represent asylum seekers on a pro bono basis. Often, the relationships between refugees and their lawyers are mutually beneficial – lifesaving for refugees, and life-changing for lawyers.

Houston’s generous civic spirit and the array of leading law firms makes it a perfect place for Human Rights First to expand. And South Texas College of Law in downtown Houston is the perfect place for Human Rights First’s newest home.

More clients for Human Rights First!  Syrians and Somalis are on their way!

Texas is the second largest resettlement state in America—turning red states blue!

Guess where this photo was taken?

Swedes looking for help in identifying the man. They think he is from “abroad.”

It is from welcoming multi-culti Stockholm, Sweden. The ‘generous’ European country that has opened its doors to the Middle East.  Poor persecuted fellow just wanted to ride the subway.  From the UK Daily Mail thanks to ‘pungentpeppers.’

Some are betting that the UK collapses with its demographic change first, but my bet is on Sweden.