Sweden now whining about Syrian refugee burden

They want other European countries to step up!

Remember last fall that the big show-offs in Sweden opened their doors to any and all Syrian asylum seekers who could get there (the announcement came when Obama was visiting)!

Now, according to the Wall Street Journal they can’t handle it and like typical liberals are whining that others need to do their share.  Emphasis below is mine.

Last September, Sweden became the only European Union country to offer permanent residence to Syrians fleeing their devastated homeland. Now, strained by its own generosity, it is losing patience with what is calls a lack of solidarity from its European brethren.

Crybaby Tobias Billstrom wants to punish European countries for not pulling their weight!

“Nine member states in the EU today receive 90% of all asylum applications annually but those nine states are starting to, well, become fed up,” Tobias Billström, Sweden’s immigration minister, said in an interview. He’s asking the European Commission to punish countries for failing to pull their weight in receiving asylum seekers in accordance with the bloc’s laws.


Since Sweden’s announcement, immigration has spiked and is now at its highest levels since the wars in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. This year, the country’s migration experts expect 59,000 people to seek asylum there, with 23,000 of them seen coming from Syria.

Meanwhile, Italian and Greek authorities estimate more than 20,000 Syrians crossed their borders into the EU last year. Of those, a mere 1,100 applied for asylum there, according to European Commission data.

It is a strain on Sweden, especially since there is a housing shortage which pushes the price up for everyone.  I guess the Swedish economic geniuses didn’t see this coming!

For Sweden, the growing influx of asylum seekers strains authorities tasked with providing education, child care and other support. One major challenge is securing housing for asylum seekers as Sweden faces a housing shortage.

LOL!  The ‘refugee star’ of the story paid 16,000 Euros (about $22,000) to people smugglers to get him to Sweden, and he said this:

“What I like about Sweden’s approach is that you get support during the first years.”  [Welfare from day one of course—ed]

Sweden with its open door policy on immigration and its world-renowned social safety net has been our ‘canary in a coal mine’ for years.  Go here for our complete archive.

Hate crime investigation underway in “welcoming” Ft. Morgan, CO

Somalis congregate in Somali cafe in Ft. Morgan where 1/3 of the labor force at Cargill is from East Africa according to Aljazeera. http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2013/9/27/the-somalis-of-fortmorgancolorado.html

We’ve been following the ups and downs of the Somali migration to Ft. Morgan for several years.  The mass migration to the town began in 2008 right after the big blow up in Greeley when Somalis demanded special prayer times at a Swift meatpacking plant there.  A lot of the Somalis were fired and moved on to Ft. Morgan to work for Cargill.  Here is one post on the move.

We have a whole category about the conflict starting in 2008, here.

Ft. Morgan political leaders have knocked themselves out trying to send the politically correct message that diversity brings strength, but every once in awhile they have a flareup by some who don’t want the ‘change’ being brought to their community by BIG MEAT.

Senator Sessions says we need to slow down that change for everyone’s sake.  By the way, it was Senator Sessions who called out the meatpackers as major lobbyists behind the so-called ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ bill as it passed the Senate.

From KUSA:

KUSA – They left Somalia and other parts of eastern Africa to escape unpredictable violence, but now Fort Morgan police say the town’s refugee community is being victimized because of their race and heritage.

In the past week and a half, multiple cars have been vandalized, left with broken windows and spray painted with racial slurs.

“Get out of town. Go back to your country,” said Khadar Ducaale, of what was written. “It’s been very frustrating, at the same time, it’s been scary. We don’t know who is responsible.”

“We left our home country back in Africa for lack of security and instability, “said Abdi Wahab, whose car windows were broken. “It feels like we might be having the same problem we left our countries for now.”

There are hundreds of east Africans who’ve been given refuge by the U.S. government to live and work in Fort Morgan. Many work at the Cargill meat plant. They said vandalism to their vehicles has happened several times in the past. 9News reported on eight cars hit in 2011.


Fort Morgan Police said they believe the car windows were shot out by a BB gun. A town spokesperson said a hate crime investigation is underway, but there are no suspects.

Click here for our complete archive on Ft. Morgan.  They likely even had an honor killing there a few years ago.

Time to call in David Lubell and the mind police?

Sensible Senator Sessions: Slow down immigration and give people time to assimilate

The US Census Bureau is reporting that the US is on the cusp of the Second Great Wave of Immigration where the immigrant population of America is at or near the historically high level of 15%.    Most people, especially the youngsters in the Open Borders movement assume we have been pouring immigrants into America at high levels forever.  Not so!  We dramatically reduced immigration levels around 1920 because the nation needed to catch its breath and immigrants needed to assimilate.  The public demanded the slowdown.

That all changed in 1965 when Senator Ted Kennedy was among those pushing the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (a bill signed by Lyndon Johnson).  Previously most immigrants to America were Europeans, this law opened our doors to Latin Americans, Africans and Asians and so the cultural leap they would have to make to assimilate became even greater.

Today assimilation is a dirty word and the motives of the immigration lobby are frankly to push America toward more socialism (Dems want the voters), more diversity (frankly less whiteness) and for others (some Republicans/big business) it’s all about a cheap labor force.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) gave the Keynote address at the 5th anniversary celebration of the Tea Party in Washington DC.

So for those of us who think Senator Sessions makes enormous sense, I fear that common sense is not in vogue these days.

Before you read this, check out the Migration Policy Institute graph (to get to the graph click on ‘Number and share total US population 1850-2012’) which puts us much closer to the 15% mark than does this Census Bureau report.

From The Hill (hat tip: Robin):

If Congress passes immigration reform legislation this year, it will dramatically add to what the Census Bureau is calling the “Second Great Wave” of immigration in U.S. history.

Opponents of the legislation have seized on the Census Bureau’s analysis of migration patterns to warn of an explosion of foreign-born population over the next few decades.

“Once again, the country is approaching a percentage of foreign-born not seen since the late 1800s and early 1900s,” the Census Bureau wrote on its blog this week. “Will this proportion continue to increase, perhaps exceeding the high of nearly 15 percent achieved in both 1890 and 1910?”

The agency estimates that 40 million people living in the United States in 2010 were born elsewhere, approximately 12.9 percent of the population. That is the highest population of immigrants, percentage-wise, since the 1920s, according to the Census Bureau.

Opponents of granting citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants and expanding legal immigration flows have pounced on the study.

“After 40 years of large-scale immigration, rising joblessness, failing schools and a growing welfare state, would not the sensible, conservative thing to do be to slow down for a bit, allow wages to rise, assimilation to occur, and to help those struggling here today?” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said Thursday, when he delivered the keynote address to commemorate the Tea Party Patriots’ fifth anniversary.

An aide to Sessions estimated the number of foreign-born people living in the United States has now reached 45 million.

Sessions’s office estimates that number could swell by at least 30 million over the next decade if Congress passes the Senate immigration bill.

For readers reaching retirement age, look back to the early 1970’s and see that things have really changed in the last 40 years (you aren’t wrong to have suspected it).

The immigrant population reached a low in 1970 when 9.6 million people — 4.7 percent of the total population — residing in the United States were born in another country.

If you missed it, check out our post last week about MENA (Middle Eastern/North African) immigrant populations in the US, a group that will resist assimilation more than some others.  That post went off the charts for some reason with 1,000 readers in one day.