Casper newspaper endorses refugee resettlement for Wyoming

It is really no surprise, most of the local print media will do this—cave in to Washington and the ruling elites on immigration of any sort with an emotional plea not based on facts—even if the citizens are violently opposed.  Seven years ago the local paper where I live did the same thing, but there is no longer a refugee program here.

Gov. Matt Mead: So much a fan of big government he invited the US State Department and the UN to Wyoming?

See our previous coverage of how a Republican governor of Wyoming is begging the feds (the US State Department and the UN) to bring refugees to the only state in the nation that was wise enough to stay out of a program in dire need of a complete overhaul.

From the Casper Star-Tribune (Editorial Board: Wyoming should welcome refugees):

Wyoming must do more to welcome refugees. They are looking to escape the direst of circumstances, from torture to genocide to human trafficking, and we are missing out on the opportunity to help resettle them for everyone’s benefit.

Excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing:

It’s not about welfare. It’s about help in times of horror.

Members of a nongovernmental agency pick up refugees from the airport and take them to an apartment stocked with donations. Refugees begin learning the language, and their children are enrolled in school. They start with food stamps, but for most refugees, government support begins to diminish after eight months. Within four months, they must have jobs. In fact, they’re even required to repay the cost of their plane tickets.

A program would take no state money. The federal government would funnel resettlement money through Wyoming agencies and a nongovernmental organization.

We have thousands of posts on these pages spanning nearly seven years that demonstrate how Wyoming is being sold a bill of goods—won’t cost the state a dime, what a joke!

Why any Republican in his or her right mind would invite the feds to take more control of their state is something I can’t fathom.

Update March 8th:  See VDARE for more on this story and how you can help!

Canada officially acknowledges that after 1948 Jews were expelled from their homes throughout the Middle East

Next time you hear the Palestinians and their supporters whining, remember hundreds of thousands of Jews lost their ancestral homes when forced to leave Arab countries and they aren’t demanding any ‘right of return!’

Yemenite Jews en route from Aden to Israel, during the Magic Carpet operation (1949–1950).

By the way, has the US (the Obama Administration) officially recognized this report? From the Jerusalem Post (hat tip: Jeff):

Canada, early on Tuesday, accepted the recommendation of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development that “Canada officially recognizes the experience of Jewish refugees who were displaced from states in the Middle East and North Africa after 1948.”

The recognition came following the committee’s November 2013 report on Recognizing Jewish Refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

The committee “learned of the discrimination and hardship faced by Jewish people living in the Middle East and North Africa in the 20th century,” according to the report.

Further, said the report, “almost all of the Jews in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen eventually left their homes and communities, which had existed in the Middle East and North Africa for centuries.”


Next, the report said that the countries in question had 856,000 Jews before 1948, 76,000 in 1968 and only 4,315 in 2012.


CIJA chairman David Koschitzky responded to the news, saying, “Today’s decision brings Canada one step closer to recognizing the otherwise forgotten persecution of Jewish minorities across the Middle East.”

He continued, “This is not only a matter of ensuring historical accuracy. Once implemented, it will correct a fundamental imbalance in a Canadian policy that acknowledges Arab refugees, but makes no mention of Jewish refugees resulting from the Arab- Israeli conflict.”

This is our 149th post in our Israel and refugees category.  It is our 125th on Canada.

Hmong woman scams St. Paul library system

For a little break from the usual immigrant-run welfare fraud (food stamps and healthcare) we’ve written about lately, here is a story from December (‘pungentpeppers’ found it recently on a Hmong website) about a different sort of fraud.

LOL! I guess you can say that immigrants bring ‘vibrant diversity’ even in their schemes to rip-off Americans.

Nhia Vue displayed ‘vibrant diversity’ in her method of fraud.

The Hmong website story is here.  But, it is originally from the Star-Tribune:

A childless St. Paul woman allegedly created library cards for 24 imaginary children in order to steal thousands of dollars in video games and DVDs from the Ramsey County library system.

Nhia Vue, who turns 23 Thursday, has been charged in Ramsey County District Court with one count of theft.

According to the complaint, she checked out 50 video games, 41 DVDs and 21 books from different county public library branches between May 13 and June 4. The items were valued at just over $4,100.

The charges said she pawned 46 games and 22 DVDs. Authorities recovered some of the items, which showed signs of tampering. Library labels were peeled off and library markings on the DVDs were blackened with a permanent marker, the charges allege.

“I’ve never had … anyone take advantage of the library system in quite this way,” Library Director Susan Nemitz said. “It’s wildly disappointing.”


“Vue admitted she doesn’t have any children and each of the accounts she created is for a fictitious person,” the charges said. “Vue claimed her problems started because she is disabled and cannot stand on her foot for a long period of time.

She is surely already on disability and food stamps!

She allegedly told authorities that she knew what she did was wrong, but that she needed money for food and spending.

How does she have a tax return at her apparent level of income?

“I didn’t look at it as stealing,” she said, according to charges. “I looked at it as borrowing. I thought I could pay them back on my taxes.”

Just last month we reported on more serious Hmong crime stories, here.

How many Hmong do you have?

Wikipedia has this summary of the numbers of Hmong living in the US thanks to the refugee resettlement program:

States with the largest Hmong population include: California (86,989; 0.2%), Minnesota (63,619; 1.2%), Wisconsin (47,127; 0.8%), and North Carolina (10,433; 0.1%), Michigan (5,924; 0.1%), Colorado (3,859; 0.1%), Georgia (3,623; 0.03%), Alaska (3,534; 0.5%), Oklahoma (3,369; 0.1%), and Oregon (2,920; 0.1%).[2][8] The metropolitan areas of Fresno and Minneapolis-St. Paul have especially large Hmong communities.[9] The City of Wausau in Wisconsin has the largest Hmong population per capita in the United States. 3,569 Hmong people live in Wausau (9.1% of its population).

Today, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, 260,073 people of Hmong decent reside in the United States up from 186,310 in 2000.[10] The vast majority of the growth since 2000 was from natural increase, except for the admission of a final group of over 15,000 refugees in 2004 and 2005 from Wat Tham Krabok in Thailand. Of the 260,073 Hmong-Americans, 247,595 or 95.2% are Hmong alone, and the remaining 12,478 are mixed Hmong with some other ethnicity or race. The Hmong-American population is among the youngest of all groups in the United States, with the majority being under 30 years old, born after 1980, with most part-Hmong are under 10 years old.[11]

Somali government welcomes home Somalis deported from other countries!

This is very good news!  Two weeks ago we told you of the thousands of Somalis deported from Saudi Arabia as it attempts to un-diversify itself, and now it appears they will get a warm welcome in Mogadishu.

Time to rebuild the once beautiful Mogadishu.

Surely our critics think I’m being snarky, but I am not—many of these returning Somalis have gained skills that can now be put to use repairing their country.  And, surely al-Shabaab will not have the numbers to defeat the returnees if those returning have a backbone!

From AllAfrica:

Saciid Qorsheel, Minister of Land & Air Transport of the Somali government talked to the press at Mogadishu’s international airport and declared that the government is pleased to support the deportees returning to the country.

The Minister said at the airport that they are ready to prepare tents for the immigrants being sent back from foreign countries so they can have somewhere to seek refuge within their country.

“We will provide full accommodation for the deportees.” Said Saciid Qorsheel, Minister of Land & Air Transport

Recently, Somali immigrants have been deported from many countries and returned to the capital city Mogadishu, especially the ones coming back from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I’ll be watching for the squawking from the UNHCR which will surely oppose a large return to Somalia because it undercuts their work of continuing to spread Somali “refugees” throughout the west!

Remember back in January the post about Somalis plotting in Indonesia about how to break into Australia, here— just give them a plane ticket to Mogadishu!  Put them to work!