Senator Jeff Sessions: Amnesty is a done deal!

Sessions: The Administration’s actions are breathtaking and without precedent.

The US Senate’s chief critic of efforts by both the Obama Administration and the majority of the US Senate to give amnesty to the 12 million (or more) aliens who are in the US illegally, released a stunning statement yesterday in which he said basically—it is over!

Obama immigration enforcement is virtually non-existent—they are here, they are staying, they are working, they are getting benefits, and more are being welcomed.

Of course he says it’s up to the Republicans to reverse the tidal wave, but I, for one, haven’t much hope of that since Republican leaders (and their campaign funders!) either want amnesty, or want the issue to go away before the 2014 and 2016 election cycles.

Here is what the Senator released yesterday—‘Dramatic nullification of immigration law‘  (Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum has sounded the alarm via twitter):

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement today after releasing a statistical analysis of Department of Homeland Security data documenting the Administration’s vast and far-reaching defiance of federal immigration law:

“The evidence reveals that the Administration has carried out a dramatic nullification of federal law. Under the guise of setting ‘priorities’, the Administration has determined that almost anyone in the world who can enter the United States is free to illegally live, work and claim benefits here as long as they are not caught committing a felony or other serious crime. This applies not only to illegal immigrants who entered through the border, but those who enter on a visa and overstay.

American workers and taxpayers are entitled to the protections our immigration laws afford, yet the Administration has suspended these protections, producing lower wages and higher unemployment.

Congressional Democrats have empowered this state of lawlessness. It falls on the shoulders of Republicans to reverse it—and to rescue the rule of law for the American people of today and tomorrow. More information will be shared in the coming days, in light of the administration’s call to expand these unlawful directives even further.”

See the Senator’s chilling report hereThis is the final paragraph:

The Administration’s actions are breathtaking and without precedent. American citizens have both a legal and moral right to the protection our immigration laws afford; those rights have been systematically ignored, resulting in a massive loss of income and wages for the most vulnerable Americans. The Administration has abandoned its duty to faithfully execute the law and protect US sovereignty, resulting not only in a collapse of immigration enforcement but a grave jeopardy to the American system of law and justice itself.

Photo is here at the Heritage Foundation.  Senator Sessions’ lonely crusade!

For new readers of RRW, the Senate-passed so-called ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill’ (if it should become law) will give federal refugee contractors a greatly expanded ‘client’ base and thus the federal grants to “provide services” to the newly amnestied including helping them to sign up for their welfare goodies, just as they do today for refugees and asylees.

The contractors have been busy lobbying Congress to pass amnesty, and surely using some of your tax dollars in their lobbying efforts (most have very little money besides your money!).

Sweden: Billstrom (again) telling other European countries to take in Syrians

He says if they don’t, Jordan and Lebanon will collapse.

Truth-be-told, Sweden will collapse if it keeps “welcoming” the world to take advantage of their generous socialist welfare system.

Immigration Minister Tobias Billström allowed himself to be photographed in front of nude statues! What was he thinking? Many of those he is welcoming to Sweden would like to chop his head off for just this infidel atrocity.

See our earlier post where Billström whines about how other countries must do their share.  I hope the Swedish government is getting hell from its own citizens for its open door immigration policy.

From The Local:

Sweden has said its EU neighbors’ failure to help more refugees could prove disastrous, with Migration Minister Tobias Billström on Tuesday urging European nations to take in more people fleeing for their lives, especially from Syria.

“We have a situation where member states like Sweden, France and Germany are doing more and more of the job,” he told AFP, commenting on new EU asylum figures. The three countries account for more than half of all applications, according to the EU statistics.


The EU received almost 435,000 applications in 2013, up nearly a third from the previous year, largely due to the conflict in Syria. Germany accounted for half of the increase, while Sweden received more than any country per head of population at 54,000. Sweden also received the largest number of applications from Syria, partly due to a decision in September 2013 to grant automatic residency to all.

We need to bring more Muslim migrants to Europe to save Jordan and Lebanon!

“If all the 28 member states took as many (UN) quota refugees as Sweden does… the EU could offer 100,000 places annually to the UN Refugee Agency,” said Billström, repeating an earlier Swedish demand for a common European resettlement system.

“That would be a real asset to relieve countries like Lebanon and Jordan… who, if we don’t do something about it, may collapse, which would create even larger secondary waves over the EU.”

These Leftwingers like Billström apparently never had a mom who said, ‘you made your bed, sleep in it!’

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Foreign-born represent most of US TB cases

The other day we reported that refugees were being screened more seriously abroad and treated before setting foot on US soil (or that is what we are told anyway).

States with the highest rates of TB in the US. A few years old but still useful.

Here is yet another article on tuberculosis—Hispanics and Asians have the highest rates of TB in America.

The article goes on to say how much this is going to cost us (the taxpayers!) going forward.


Though the rate of tuberculosis (TB) in the United States is dropping, among certain racial and ethnic groups that is not the case. According to recent data, immigrants and those who travel to other countries frequently have the highest TB occurrence.

This means Hispanics, Asians, African Americans, and non-Hispanic whites born outside of the United States carry the largest TB burden in the country.

The issues stems from high rates of tuberculosis around the globe, with the highest incidence reports coming from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. According to the World Health Organization, many of these cases–approximately 450,000–are the drug-resistant form of TB that has developed from improper medication usage and medical protocols.

Not only do we have ‘asylum seekers’ from Mexico, but the largest group of OTMs are Chinese and Indians. Are they being tested the minute they come across the border?  I sure hope we are protecting our border guards!

In the United States, foreign-born individuals had a 13 times greater TB incidence than US-born persons and accounted for 64.6 percent of TB cases in 2013. Of these, more than half originated from one of five countries: Mexico (20 percent), The Philippines (12.6 percent), India (8 percent), Vietnam (7.4 percent), and China (6.1 percent).

Almost all of the drug-resistant TB in the US is among the foreign born!

The rate of tuberculosis among immigrant populations varies slightly from the country of origin, however. Among Asians in the U.S. who are foreign-born, there is a 95 percent rate of TB infection, compared to 75 percent of Hispanics, 40 percent of African Americans, and 23 percent of non-Hispanic whites born outside the United States. Foreign-born persons also accounted for 88.4 percent of the resistant TB cases reported in 2012.

Then this struck me as very funny—minority populations will have to be concerned with the cost of treatment going forward!  What the heck!  It is the US taxpayer that will have to bear the cost of treatment!

The latest data, presented through several Centers for Disease Control (CDC) studies, suggests there is a major dilemma minority populations in the U.S. will soon have to face; cost of treatment.


Marks suggests TB treatment on average can cost around $17,000; however, drug-resistant TB is another matter, costing approximately $134,000 (rising to $430,000 for extensively resistant TB ). Adding productivity losses to treatment costs brought the estimated per case cost for treating drug-resistant TB to $554,000 per case.

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