Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society: US should bring 75,000 Syrians to US over next 5 years!

We want at least 75,000 Syrians here in the US within 5 years now that security screening has been relaxed. http://www.c-spanarchives.org/program/USRefu


We just mentioned earlier today that the public relations push was on to bring a large number of Syrians to the US so that federal contractors like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) could be paid to locate them in your city or town.  Never mind that there are few jobs for them, and even if the Syrian civil war ends, they will never go back to Syria.

Now here comes Melanie Nezer, VP for policy and advocacy at HIAS writing at the New York Daily News—America open your arms!

The United States should commit to resettling at least half of the refugees identified by the UN Refugee Agency as needing resettlement – or at least 15,000 each year over the next five years. This should be in addition to the 70,000 refugees the U.S. has committed to resettle who are survivors of conflicts elsewhere in the world. Other countries have already pledged*** to resettle thousands of Syrians and should be urged to take more.

We watched this very same campaign with Iraq and now we are approaching (or have already topped) 100,000 Iraqis resettled in the US.

It will be a media drumbeat from now on until they get their way.  And, please take note there is no mention of persecuted Christians.

***Just for your information, here are the “pledges” received by the UN back in early February.  Most countries will only take a few hundred, except for Germany which apparently has a death wish.

Addendum:  I just had an afterthought!  There is a lot of fresh territory for refugees in Wyoming!

Syrians unhappy in Sweden, not what they expected

You can’t make this up!

First we have Sweden welcoming any Syrians to their country who can get there—-thousands have arrived so far.

Then Sweden whines that they can’t carry the whole load and other European countries must step up and share the burden.

And, now we have Newsweek doing a photo spread showcasing 12 unhappy Syrians in Sweden!  What happened to being grateful they are alive!

…one of the unhappy men who wants to go home to Syria.

And, what is the use of being “welcoming” then?

Newsweek thanks to ‘pungentpeppers’ for spotting it:

Once they were respected and successful, they had money and power. Now they’re broke, roaming like ghosts in a foreign land.

These are the stories of 12 young Syrian men who used to be rich businessmen, global professionals and members of prominent families. They sacrificed everything to escape war and reach Sweden, the only country granting them permanent residence.

Far from discovering the paradise they dreamed about, some now lead an invisible life in bleak suburbs and remote villages, isolated and unable to find work. Cut off from their loved ones, they are stuck in a limbo between a comfortable life they cannot forget and a tough, new reality.

Check out the photos and sob stories (are they all true?).

It would be cheaper for the Swedish taxpayer to buy a plane ticket back to Syria for those who ‘found their way to Sweden’ only to discover there is no “paradise.”

As a matter of fact, the US State Department never mentions it, but some refugees to the US find there are no streets paved with gold here either.  The most unhappy ones scrape together the money needed to fly ‘home.’  I’ve recommended that it would be less costly for the US taxpayer to fly them home for free (at our expense) and save us the even greater welfare costs involved with keeping them.

See our dozens of posts on Sweden by clicking here.

UN says Syrian refugees may destabilize Lebanon, civil war possible

This ‘news’ is all over our alerts today along with ‘news’ of Angelina Jolie visiting Syrian refugees as a special envoy for the UN.  Looks like a stepped-up PR campaign!

Jolie in head scarf visits refugee kids in Lebanon. http://www.nagalandpost.com/ChannelNews/Infotainment/Infotainmentnews.aspx?news=TkVXUzEwMDA1NzA5NQ%3D%3D

Watch for it!—The announcement of how many Syrians the US will take this year should be out soon (or maybe it’s out already?).  Will it be the 2,000 discussed previously or the 12,000-15,000 the contractors want?  Remember also that the Obama Administration has lifted the ‘terrorism bar’ primarily for the Syrians.  ***Update*** Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society calls for 75,000 Syrians, here.

From Iran English Radio:

The United Nations has warned that the influx of Syrian refugees into Lebanon poses a serious threat to the country’s stability and the region.

According to the reports, Ninette Kelley, regional representative for Lebanon for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on Friday said: “There is not a single country in the world today that is shouldering as much in proportion to its size as Lebanon.”

Kelley said the influx of one million Syrian refugees into neighboring Lebanon has pushed up the country’s population by one-fourth.

This inflicts a major strain on Lebanon’s public infrastructure as people fleeing violence in Syria seek housing, food, and healthcare at a time of economic slowdown in the country.

The UN official described the influx as a threat to the country’s economy and warned that it would also make a spillover of the conflict in Syria into Lebanon more likely.

Kelley made comments on his visit to Washington and a week after Lebanese Foreign Minister GebranBassil said the crisis in Syria is threatening the existence of Lebanon, which has gone through a year-long political crisis.

Meanwhile a Reuters story tells us that the US is the single largest donor of humanitarian aid in the Syrian situation.  But for the ‘human rights’ gang this will not be enough—thousands of the Syrians need to be living in American cities and towns to satisfy them.

The United States has been the largest single donor of assistance related to the conflict in Syria. The U.S. State Department says that U.S. humanitarian assistance across the region related to the conflict amounts to $1.7 billion to date.

If you see the big announcement before we do—please let us know!


Nashville: More immigrant entrepreneurs busted!

David Lubell

Diversity is strength!  Right Mr. Lubell?

Nashville, Tennessee is the premier Bible belt destination city for refugee and immigrant migration thanks to people like David Lubell and his old friends (Avi Poster and Tom Negri) at ‘Welcoming Tennessee.’

Regular readers know that Lubell used his ‘Welcoming Tennessee’ franchise to turn it into ‘Welcoming America’ and now gets a grant (in addition to funding from George Soros) from the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement to travel America and tell about Nashville’s successful immigrants.  And, if you are a new reader, it is Catholic Charities that runs the entire refugee placement program in Tennessee.

You can read more about ‘Welcoming America’ on the technical assistance page of  ORR’s Key Indicators for Refugee Placement FY2014 (page 2).

We have a whole category on Nashville’s plight.  Here is one important post about turning red states blue.  Nashville has the fastest growing population of the foreign born of any city in America.

Mohammed Amer

This is not the first time the Nashville police have had to crack down on Muslim store owners.  I would be surprised to learn if this pair are refugees (asylees maybe), but the point is once your city is “welcoming” they will come.

From News Channel 5  (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Police shut down and padlocked a business in Nashville on Thursday as part of an ongoing investigation into synthetic drug sales.

Metro Police said Rum Wholesale at 1305 Dickerson Pike was deemed a public nuisance for repeated distribution of synthetic opiates.

The owner, 40-year-old Mohammed Amer,*** was arrested Wednesday and charged with possession of counterfeit controlled substances with intent to sell. He will also be charged with felony tampering.

On March 17, three convenience stores in Nashville were shut down for allegedly selling liquid relaxation shots that contained mitragynine, a chemical specifically banned by Tennessee law because of its opiate characteristics.

Rabea Aldheleai

At that time, the stores, which included Discount Tobacco & Beer on Robinson Road, Madison Discount Tobacco & Beer on N. Gallatin Pike, and Litton’s Corner Market on Gallatin Pike, were declared public nuisances and padlocked by order of the court.

During the investigation, detectives learned that Rum Wholesale was a supplier of the liquid shots. When they went to the business on March 17, they found an employee, 27-year-old Rabea Aldheleai, loading boxes of the illegal liquid shots into a BMW.

If you are wondering how it is that a liquor store is run by Muslims—it is a twofer.  First they make a lot of money with schemes like this one and then there is the secondary benefit of potentially destroying the lives of infidels (encouraged in Islam).

Do you have a ‘Welcoming America’ affiliate in your state?

***That’s funny!  Amer is one of the perps in our February story, but The Tennessean link is now dead—what is up with that?  We know The Tennessean has pimped for more multiculturalism for Nashville, but are they removing stories that make Nashville’s Muslims look bad?