Malta is target for invasion of Europe, Bush Administration added a sweetener

Since we have been talking about the invasion of Europe this morning, here and here, here is one more article that tells us which countries are getting the brunt of it.  Per capita Malta is getting the most migrants claiming asylum.

The invasion of Malta!  Note the Muslim women in this group.

Poor Malta!  Back in the Bush Administration, the US began taking some of Malta’s illegal aliens (don’t ask me why!), but in so doing the State Department broke international refugee law and set a precedent.  Legitimate asylum seekers are to apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach, it is not supposed to be a shopping trip for a plane ticket to America.  This is a European Union problem, not ours!

As I reported here in a post about Austria (why are we taking refugees from Austria?), we had flown to America 136 supposed refugees from Malta in this fiscal year alone.

Malta is now a magnet for migrants!  (We have an extensive archive on Malta, and the US and Catholic Church involvement there,  click here to learn more).

From the Times of Malta:

Malta last year received, on average, the highest number of asylum-seekers compared to its national population, a report by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) shows.

Malta received 20.2 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants. Sweden ranked second (19.2 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), followed by Liechtenstein (17.3 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), Luxembourg (11.9 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), and Switzerland (11.5 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants).

The refugee agency’s report shows a sharp rise in asylum claims in 44 industrialised countries over the course of last year, driven primarily by the crisis in Syria.  [Syria is an excuse, they are coming from throughout Africa and the Middle East!—ed]

The most ‘asylum seekers’ overall are going to Germany, France and Sweden!

With around 109,000 new asylum claims, Germany was the largest recipient of asylum seekers. France received the second highest number in Europe with around 60,000 claims. Sweden was the main destination country in Northern Europe, receiving around 53 000 applications.

The Swedish government is whining (no sympathy here, they asked for it!), the Germans are protesting and in France the “far right” is expected to surge in local elections.

And then there is Italy:

The increase in Italy was mainly due to the many boat arrivals during last year. This trend is continuing in 2014 as almost 10,000 people have arrived in Italy since the beginning of January.

Why do we post so much from Europe?  First, we have a lot of readers in Europe (we had 100 from Malta alone in the last week), and secondly Europe is ‘ahead’ of the US in the demographic chaos that will determine whether western civilization survives for our children and grandchildren—so pay attention!

Invasion of Europe continues as Italy ‘rescues’ 4,000 migrants in one week

Some of the Africans rescued by Italian navy taken to the Sicilian port of Augusta.

This (below) is an Associated Press story published in the Washington Post on Friday.  In the final paragraphs of the article we are given some important statistics.

From the WaPo:

ROME — Italian authorities say they have rescued more than 4,000 would-be migrants at sea over the past four days as the war in Syria and instability in Libya spawn new waves of refugees.


Italian maritime officials said 2,922 people were picked up Monday and Tuesday, and 1,165 were rescued Wednesday and Thursday.


The spike in migrants is primarily because of renewed instability in Libya, where refugees from Syria and across Africa gather, awaiting a chance to buy passage on smuggling boats, said Carlotta Sami, a spokeswoman for the U.N. refugee agency in Italy.

Let us not forget who helped destabilize Libya—Obama’s three witches:  Hillary, Samantha and Susan!

Who knew Russia was in the top three countries producing ‘asylum seekers!’  LOL! They can’t all be gay men who heard about Villanova?

Syria, Russia and Afghanistan had the largest numbers of people fleeing their homelands to seek asylum last year, the U.N. agency said. Russia was the source of 39,779 asylum seekers, up from 22,650 in 2012. And 38,653 Afghans sought asylum last year, vs. 47,519 in 2012.

These are numbers to remember!

The 38 nations of Europe had 484,600 asylum claims in 2013, 32 percent higher than in 2012. The United States dealt with 88,360 asylum applications last year.

For new readers and as a reminder to our long-time readers, asylum seekers get to a country’s borders (or overstay a visa) and then request asylum (refugee status) claiming they will be “persecuted” if sent home.  Once granted asylum (in the US for instance), they become “asylees” and are given all of the rights and welfare goodies that refugees screened abroad and flown in receive.  ‘Asylum seekers’ (mostly economic migrants) are on the move worldwide—of course all attempting to get into first world countries.

Muslim “refugees” leaving Crimea, headed west

Tatar flag, and banner: Crimea is the home of Crimean Tatars. March 2, 2014.

Putin now becomes another great excuse to seek asylum in a neighboring European Union country—Poland.  The invasion of Europe continues….

As I read this story, hat tip ‘pungentpeppers,’ and did some additional reading, I’m wondering why in h*** the mainstream TV media in the US hasn’t said anything I know of about the Tatars, the Muslim minority, numbering in the hundreds of thousands in Ukraine.

Watch for it!  The next large wave of ‘asylum seekers’ wanting to be let into Europe proper will be this Muslim ethnic group!

From the Daily News (Turkey):

A group of 32 Crimean Tatars has requested refugee status in Poland following Russia’s annexation of the Black Sea peninsula, Polish border guards said Friday.

Map of Ukraine and neighbors.

The eight families, or 32 Tatars in total, requested refugee status late Thursday at the border crossing with Ukraine in the southern Polish village of Medyka, Polish border-guard spokeswoman Agnieszka Golias told AFP.

“They justified their act by the situation in Crimea. We received their requests and launched the appropriate administrative procedures. In the meantime, they may be sent to a refugee centre, without being required to go,” she said.

The Muslim ethnic group, which makes up between 12 to 15 percent of the Crimean population, has protested against Russia’s intervention on the peninsula and mostly stayed away from a disputed referendum in which the Russian-speaking majority overwhelmingly voted in favour of breaking away from Ukraine.

Then have a look at two other articles, here (history of the Tatars and Russia) and here (Tatars don’t believe Putin’s promises).

The Tatars are a Turkish people, so why not seek asylum in Turkey—doesn’t that make more sense!

I fully expect to see US resettlement contractors in coming months clamor for Tatars to be resettled in the US to add to their collection of ethnic diversity!  Although, truth be told, we are probably already resettling Muslims from Ukraine and aren’t being informed about it.