‘S’ word (Somali) missing from reports on gym brawl in Minnesota

We first had this story last week (again thanks to ‘pungentpeppers’) and although we knew those arrested were Somalis (by their names) it was one of those ho-hum here-we-go-again stories and posted it at the facebook page ‘Diversity’s Dark Side and didn’t bother to post it here.

Now after seeing it on Drudge yesterday and in the British press (with photos) the news becomes how many stories can be written about it without saying the word Somali so that the average reader, not attuned to names like Ali Yusuf Barre, Abdirashid Yasin Duad, and Mohamed Awil Suleiman, might actually have the full picture of what is happening in the suburbs surrounding the Twin Cities.

Even the UK Mail can’t say the ‘S’ word as one commenter to the story noted.

In the “riot” weights and barbells were thrown after an exchange of profanities.
Somalis on right, victim (could he be Hispanic?) on left.

From the UK Mail:

A basketball game on a court at an LA Fitness gym descended into a mass brawl involving 10-15 people which included weight plates and barbells being thrown around.

Police were called to the incident at the gym in Roseville, Minnesota, last Sunday and arrested three adults and three juveniles.

Officers arrived and tried to gain control over two agitated groups of males who were shouting profanities at each other, according to criminal complaints.

Four males were fighting with one person on the basketball court and chased him into the fitness area, the complaints said.

‘People were actually throwing two and a half, five, 10 pound weights within the building,’ Police Lt. Lorne Rosand told WCCO.

Customers and gym staff tried to intervene and separate the groups, and the LA Fitness manager tried to defuse the situation by directing the man being chased to stay by the front desk and juice bar, the complaints said.

But the suspects began to throw weight plates, barbells and a trash can lid toward the juice bar and the male target, according to the complaints.

As you read down the story, and all of the other stories, this is the only piece of information you have about who the perps are:

The three adults, Ali Yusuf Barre, 18, of Minneapolis; Abdirashid Yasin Duad, 18, of Minneapolis; and Mohamed Awil Suleiman, 20, of Burnsville, have been charged with disorderly conduct and participation in a riot.

I did see some mugshots at the very end of a TV report, but again no mention that these are Somali “refugees” we “welcomed” to America.

The news accounts, including this one, all remark about the large number of times police are called to the Roseville LA Fitness, but managers there have declined to take any action to more rigorously protect their business, now why do you think that is?

The gym has been plagued with crime in recent years. Roseville police responded to 147 incidents there in 2013 and have already gone to 24 incidents this year.

Police are frustrated with that LA Fitness as their requests to put in security cameras or have guards on site have all been denied.

‘They don’t want to take any proactive measures to prevent theft in the parking lot or inside,’ Rosand said. ‘I just hope they step up like any business in the community.’

Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis?  Thank the US State Department and its resettlement contractors: Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities and World Relief.  Diversity is so beautiful, isn’t it!  Wyoming are you listening?

Invasion of Europe continues as 80,000 Africans are poised to attack Spanish territory

Ceuta and Melilla are Spanish territory where Africans are storming the border fences.

We told you about this almost two weeks ago and posted a map at right.  Spain has territory on the Moroccan coast and obviously Morocco is allowing tens of thousands of African migrants through its country in their attempt to break into the Spanish territory.

The New York Times has now joined the fray with a piece aimed at making Spain look bad (what else!).  Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers.’

MADRID — About 80,000 African migrants are heading for Spain’s two enclaves along the Moroccan coast, leaving Spain struggling to contain the efforts that are coming in larger and increasingly coordinated surges in recent days.

The Spanish interior minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, said Thursday that the situation at the enclaves, Ceuta and Melilla, was a problem not only for Spain, but for all of Europe, and needed to be handled “in cooperation with the European Union.”

The government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has faced intensifying criticism — within Spain and from the union — over its defense of the enclaves.

As Mr. Fernández Díaz noted on Wednesday, the first day of his two-day visit to the enclaves, “There are 40,000 people in Morocco who are waiting to cross illegally into Spain, and 40,000 more at the border between Mauritania and Morocco.”

Read it all.

They are mostly economic migrants and only a small number will be able to claim asylum.  If I were the EU, I’d be putting the screws to Morocco.  Just as the good professor said of Canada recently—they are paralyzed by the toxin of multiculturalism.