Brit who heads International Rescue Committee: Let’s send some more Syrians to San Diego

Hillary and David Miliband: Hillary’s big crush!

So, they can be with their kind of people!

David Miliband, former UK foreign secretary and recently installed head of one of the nine major federal refugee contractors told the news media in a visit to San Diego this week that 12,000 Syrians should be admitted to the US in 2014.  (Keep in mind that the UK has recently reluctantly agreed to take a whopping 500!).

From KPBS (be sure to watch the clip!).  Emphasis is mine:

This week, the United Nations officials said Syrians are about to replace Afghans as the world’s largest refugee population.


The IRC is working to bring Syrian refugees to the United States.

You have to follow the link in the following excerpt to find out that the IRC is lobbying for 12,000.  Remember they are paid by the head for each “refugee” they place in your city or town, and conveniently they have a resettlement office in San Diego!

He said, the IRC is calling on the U.S. to increase the number of refugees ***allowed to resettle in here, and if that happens, some may wind up in San Diego.

Believe me it won’t be only the women, the orphans or the Christians going to San Diego.  And, if the civil war should end in months or a year, they won’t go home to Syria either—this is permanent resettlement!

“If I hope, when the U.S. government decides to increase that number and allow some Syrians, the most needy cases, the kids who’ve have lost their parents, the women who’ve lost their husbands, this would be an ideal place for them to rebuild their lives,” he said.

He said the small Syrian community and larger Middle Eastern community here could give Syrian refugees some sense of of roots and a bit of stability that can allow them to make a contribution to society.

I’m wondering if those San Diego Somali refugee terrorists recently sent to prison were “clients” of the IRC?

Not a peep in any interview about persecuted Christians in Syria.

***Be sure to read the NPR interview where an IRC representative says 12,000 is their magic number this year, but expresses puzzlement as to why the US might be dragging its feet.  NPR interviewer asks:

Would you be at all concerned that letting in thousands of refugees from this particular civil war will also allow in bad actors?

Even NPR gets it (if the refugee importers pretend not to)!

We have an ever-expanding archive on David Miliband, here.

For more ambitious readers, see this 2010 post and follow the links to a National War College Report by State Department employee David Robinson who explained in 2000 how the International Rescue Committee (IRC) (others!) pressured the State Department (through Al Gore!) into taking more than 10,000 Kosovar refugees who didn’t want to come here and who were later flown back to their home country at taxpayer expense.   The IRC apparently needed the warm bodies to resettle because those bodies came with a per head resettlement payment to the IRC, and I feel sure they were never asked to return the $$$.

Dallas is ground zero for largest Medicare/Medicaid fraud ring yet uncovered—Nigerians this time

Last week we had the largest Medicaid fraud bust in DC history and as it turns out earlier in February we were given more details on the massive 2012 Texas bust as that case heads to trial.  In the DC case, the ringleader was a woman from Cameroon, and in Texas, 1/3 of the cases involve Nigerians.

Where is David Lubell and “Welcoming America” with his immigrant-entrepreneurs-bring-economic-boom-times to your “welcoming” cities mumbo-jumbo.  (‘Welcoming America’ is partially funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement to get your minds right about the joy immigrant diversity will bring to your town and a large part of their campaign is to convince you that hard-working immigrants are fueling the local economy.)

Readers, increasingly we see home health care businesses listed as one of those economic enterprises refugees and other immigrants bring to multi-culti cities.  (Somalis here in St. Cloud!) Now we see why!

Keep in mind, as you read this, that we don’t resettle refugees from Nigeria in any large numbers, there may be some among the asylum seekers, but I would guess the largest numbers are here because they overstayed a visa—student or tourist.  Also, know that Nigerians were “winning” the diversity visa lottery in such large numbers that they are barred in the upcoming cycles from that LEGAL immigrant pipeline to America.

Dr. Joseph Megwa’s attorney asked that his nationality and immigration status not be admitted to the court! Photo:

From Dallas News.  (Hat tip: the ever-vigilant ‘pungentpeppers’)  Emphasis is mine:

Hundreds of North Texas Nigerian-Americans are caught up in the biggest home health care frauds ever uncovered by U.S. law enforcement.

Federal indictments were issued in 2012 against those who allegedly profited the most from half a billion dollars in fraudulent local Medicare billings. But many other Nigerian-Americans living in the area and operating small health care businesses were also involved, federal law enforcement officials say.

Those officials say most of the health care fraud in Texas is committed by Texans with no particular ethnic background. And community leaders insist most Nigerian-Americans in the health care business in the Dallas area are honest.

But law enforcement officials and leaders in the Nigerian-American community describe Dallas home health care fraud as rampant and say a surprising number of the perpetrators — a third of all cases under investigation — involve Nigerian-Americans.

Greed and lax enforcement!  And, possibly a cultural predilection?

“It is embarrassing to the Nigerian community that this type of thing is going on,” said Ihekwaba, who is also president of the West Africa America Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dallas.

“It’s greed. Greed and trying to see the easy way out,” he said. “People took advantage of lax enforcement by the federal government on this issue.”

The FBI says health care fraud is the costliest crime in America. Estimates of the losses to federal health insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid run from $44 billion to $80 billion a year.

Dallas has some of the highest Medicare spending in the nation. While the amounts spent on hospitals, drugs and doctors are not far off the national averages, home health care spending is far above the norm.

Over $100 million in fraud allegedly funneled through Dr. Joseph Megwa.

Between 2006 and 2012, federal law enforcement authorities allege more than 230 Dallas-area home health care agencies funneled patients to Arlington physician Joseph Megwa to approve $100.5 million in care they didn’t need. The owner of the largest home care agency in the case, Nigerian-American Ferguson Ikhile of Irving, has pleaded guilty.

But, LOL! Don’t mention Megwa’s nationality or immigration status because of backlash against immigrants!  If the shoe fits!

Last month, Megwa’s attorneys asked the judge in the case to prohibit prosecutors from mentioning Megwa’s nationality or immigration status because of “a backlash in this country against immigrants, particularly immigrants of color and immigrants from Africa, who are charged with criminal offenses.”

Nothing makes Americans angrier than opening our doors to immigrants who then turn around and rip us off!  As a matter of fact, we think there should be a law that when an immigrant crook is indicted, their immigration status should be made available to the public, so if they are here legally, we can begin to identify which legal programs need to be tightened up.

The next time one of your pals says, ‘I’m opposed to illegal aliens, but I’m o.k. with LEGAL immigrants,’ know that they don’t know what they are talking about!

The article at Dallas News is a long one with lots of details about how the scam is done, so I recommend reading the whole thing.