More from Gates of Vienna on still unexplained Minneapolis Somali explosion/fire

And, LOL!, a question for the Minnesota Republican Party?  Do you know who your neighbors are?

MN GOP moved to be in the “middle of every day Minnesotans!”

From GOV (which has continued to investigate the suspicious explosion/fire on New Years Day and might be considered the lead ‘agency’ on the investigation!):

On New Year’s Day 2014 a powerful explosion and fire occurred at 514 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis, in a predominantly Somali neighborhood of the city.

The building was gutted by the blaze. Two bodies were found in the rubble, and fourteen people were hospitalized, one of whom died later. Within 72 hours, the building had been pulled down into a heap of rubble by a backhoe.

Two days after the blast, before any real investigation occurred — which could never be conducted, anyway, with the potential crime scene destroyed — Greg Boosalis, the supervisory special agent with the FBI in Minneapolis, told the press that there was “no evidence of terrorist activity”.

Ever since that day I have been asking the question: How did the FBI know there was no terrorist activity without examining the scene of the explosion?

The question becomes even more urgent with the emergence of the latest wrinkle in the case.

Read the incredible paper trail from Europe, to the Middle East, to Somalia and back involving Somali Garad K. Nor.

Then this!  Republicans move into office suite down the hall from Nor’s Tawakal Money Express and the “every day Minnesotans!”

Since being listed as a terrorism-associate by the U.S. Treasury and the European Commission, Garad K. Nor has managed to clear his name. A press release issued in 2012 says the President and CEO of Tawakal Money Express successfully completed a four-day training workshop (teleconferenced from Somalia) for its staff and agents regarding procedures for complying with anti-money laundering regulations in the USA. Tawakal Money Express, a franchise of the Tawakal Express global enterprise, is located at… 2200 E Franklin Ave, #204.

To reiterate: that’s the same location as the offices of Wadani Properties, the company that owned and managed the exploded building at 514 Cedar Avenue South.

As a final irony, the Minnesota Republican Party has just moved its headquarters to the same address, 2200 E Franklin, Suite #201.


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