Email address change

I can’t take it anymore!  The Yahoo address we had as our contact in the right side bar has been killed (by me!).  It was so full of junk mail I could barely look at it.   Then today as I tried answering some of your wonderful e-mails nothing would send from Yahoo.

So now we have a new address, please make a note!

If you have Ann’s aol address you may continue to use that.

Again, sorry to have missed so many of your tips, your kind words and your questions.  I promise to try harder to keep up with everybody from now on!

Today I especially wanted to thank Sandra for her e-mail!  She said she offered to take Wyoming Governor Matt Mead on a tour of the Somali and Iraqi neighborhoods of San Diego!  Way to go!

P.S.  If you have a possible story for us, put the words NEWS TIP into your subject line and I might see it sooner.   I really need a secretary!

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