Will Angelina Jolie become the 21st Century’s Jane Fonda?

She began funding legal work for the “unaccompanied minors” nine years ago!

Last night I was looking around to see if all of the federal refugee resettlement contractors were in on the lobbying campaign to Congress to get more money (your money) for their work with the ‘unaccompanied alien teens’ surging our border, and came upon this story at the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) website.

Jane Fonda with the North Vietnamese in 1972.

Digressing for a minute to explain to new readers, these nine federal refugee contractors are not simply privately-funded humanitarian do-gooder ‘non-profits.’

They are community organizers who advocate for open borders (they lobbied for S.744, the Senate ‘comprehensive immigration reform bill’)  just as La Raza does, which they have a right to do, if they stay within legal requirements of their federal grants.

However, the part that pushes me over the edge, and it should you as well, is that these “charities” are almost completely funded by us through our tax dollars.  One of them is as much as 99% funded by taxpayer dollars, therefore what they do is very much our business!

[See USCRI’s Form 990 for 2012, their total income was $35.7 million and you gave them $35.4 million—99% of their income is your money—only $246,576 came from private donations!]

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops was 98% funded by you in a recent year.

As supposedly private non-profits, they are not open to the scrutiny of protections such as the Freedom of Information Act or even financial audits of what they and their 350 subcontractors do with their share of your tax dollars.

Here is a list of quasi-government agencies pretending to be non-profit charities that we would like to see become household names.

***The contractors

Back to Angelina Jolie and USCRI

Angelina Jolie discovering the third world in 2005. http://africabeat.blogspot.com/2005/12/what-angelina-jolie-can-tell-us-about.html

USCRI held a conference earlier this year in Washington, DC about the “children” (the unaccompanied alien minors) surging the border and in attendance were the First Ladies of Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.  See USCRI’s write-up here.

But this is what jumped out at me—Angelina Jolie got USCRI’s ‘unaccompanied alien minors’ program going 9 years ago, but you get to pay for it now!

Every year thousands of children, alone, vulnerable, and fleeing difficult and dangerous circumstances, turn up on U.S. borders. The migrant children most often are from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico.

USCRI’s program was established in 2005 with a grant from actress Angelina Jolie to protect the rights of immigrant children. The national program has grown to provide human trafficking services, migration prevention programs, and social work assistance. The Center has served more than 5,000 children in the U.S., and trained thousands of attorneys across the United States to represent unaccompanied migrant children in removal proceedings.

UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie has every right to fund whatever she wishes with her private money, but since USCRI is effectively a government agency (99% taxpayer-funded) we can be critical of what we believe is a treasonous program doing potentially greater harm to America than anything ‘Hanoi Jane’ did in 1972.

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