Lexington, KY: Habitat builds 400th house, this one for Congolese refugees

It is official, there are no more poor Americans in need of homes in Kentucky!

By the way, Kentucky is a Wilson-Fish state which means the refugee resettlement program is being run by the US State Department contractor Catholic Charities (KY state government is completely out of the loop).

From WKYT (Hat tip: Robin):

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Along with the help of volunteers from Catholic Parishes of Lexington, Habitat for Humanity is building their 400th home in Lexington.

“A number is just a number but t’s a symbol of the number of families we’ve been able to serve who need decent housing,” says Rachel Childress, CEO of Lexington Habitat for Humanity. “It’s also symbolic of the thousands and thousands of other families in Lexington (and around the world) who do need a quality, affordable place to live.”

Memba Mmandama and his wife Anjelani moved to Kentucky in 2010 after their home in the Democratic Republic of Congo was destroyed by rebels.

Why did the resettlement contractor place the family in a slum apartment in the first place?

After living in a refugee camp in Mozambique, Memba and his family moved to an apartment complex in the U.S., but it is overcrowded, has a faulty heating and cooling system and is infested with roaches.

That’s where Habitat for Humanity stepped in.

It is not just houses being built in Kentucky for refugees, it is mosques as well (raising the profile of Islam).

See all of our posts on Kentucky, they have had their share of problems with refugees!

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