Intriguing one line: Bhutanese refugees “forced” to go to America?

This isn’t the first time we have seen ‘hints’ that some Bhutanese refugees weren’t happy about the fact that 80,000 plus of them were sent to the US over the last seven years or so.

Map is a little out of date, but still gives you an idea of where they were all distributed.

I guess “hints” isn’t the right word. Here in October of last year we reported on the updated news about the high suicide rate among Bhutanese resettled across America and that some are sorry they came here (probably not thrilled about the meat packing work!).

You can learn all about the Bhutanese migration to America that started under George W. Bush by clicking here for our complete archive.

Now, here is just a little news item that I found interesting at the Nepalese Voice:

Jhapa: The Bhutanese refugees residing in Nepal have demanded not to close their repatriation mission on Saturday.

Expressing their will to return their homeland, some 10,000 refugees have demanded to keep their repatriation mission open.

A 21-member delegation of the Elderly Citizen Repatriation Committee has submitted a memorandum to the government officials urging them to support their repatriation mission.

They also blamed some donor agencies for forcing the Bhutanese refugees for third country resettlement.

Wouldn’t you love to know who did the forcing!

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