Uruguay wants only women and children Syrian refugees; men are too violent

Update February 14th:  New president says they will re-think their earlier commitment to resettle Syrians, here.

Good for you Uruguay!  Only problem is that once the women and children get settled the ‘international humanitarian industrial complex’ will holler about how that policy is inhumane (and besides if they aren’t procreating how can they facilitate the Hijra).

President José Mujica greeting Syrian refugees last October. We are O.K. with Gitmo prisoners, but not those Syrian refugee men! Photo: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-29561681

From Breitbart:

The government of Uruguay received international acclaim for its decision last year to accept a high number of refugees from the Syrian Civil War, citing the need for countries across the world to participate in saving the lives of those attempting to escape. It is now reneging on its promise, at least in part: only women and children will be allowed to relocate to [they must mean from?—ed] Syria, with the government citing a need to quell domestic violence.

“Simply: in Uruguay, we are not willing to remain with our arms crossed if men hit women,” said President José Mujica, the architect of the project through which Uruguay would slowly begin to take in Syrian refugee families, to ease the strain on neighboring countries like Lebanon and Turkey, which have taken in millions of refugees in the past two years. According to Uruguayan newspaper El Observador, the government claims that the incidents of domestic violence in the new Syrian refugee community of Uruguay are simply too high to ignore.

There is more…..

Remember readers that it was President José Mujica who late last year “welcomed” Gitmo prisoners to resettle in his country.

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