Three-fourths of Norway’s Somali refugee children live in poverty; why we should stop importing poverty

I don’t think this news surprises anyone, but what does it mean as this generation grows up—not just for Norway, but throughout Europe and the world for people without jobs and ultimately nothing to do all day?

Yesterday I happened to catch a bit of a Glenn Beck interview I want to share with you.  Beck can be pretty doom and gloom, but what his guest was saying we can already see happening in parts of Europe.  So why do we think we will be spared the societal chaos?

Somali women protesting in Oslo a few years ago.

First Norway, from The Local:

Three quarters of children of Somali origin in Norway now live in poverty, according to new figures from Statistics Norway, and numbers are on the rise.

Children from Somalia have been over-represented in the poverty statistics for years, but the proportion of children living in families with persistently low income has risen during the last year, Norwegian state broadcaster NRK has reported.

Other immigrant groups are also struggling, with more than half of poor children in Norway now living in immigrant households. Afghani and Iraqi groups also have high levels of poverty, yet none rival the Somalis.

Beck interview with Jason Calacanis on the not too distant future (a few decades!) as jobs become more scarce for a whole host of reasons.

We better be planning for this as we admit more and more low-skilled migrants to America.  This is Beck’s transcript that I cleaned up a little (What does the future hold? Glenn talks to entrepreneur and angel investor Jason Calacanis):

CALACANIS: You can see what it looks like. If you go to the Middle East, if you go to some of the under-performing European countries, referred to as the PIGS, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, and you see what happens when 20-something-year-old males hit 20, 30, 40% unemployment, it means riots in the street. And it could mean people hanging out, drinking coffee all day, getting a stipend from the government, looking for somebody to hate for their lot in life. And having a lack of purpose in life is dangerous. Those are the people who can get picked up presently easily by people who are using religion to do bad things in the world and drugs and just whatever?

Beck then asked, well what do we do? You won’t like some of Calacanis’s answers! But, at least he has some ideas! However, he suggests that few in leadership positions are even thinking about it.

How about we save ourselves and start with not overloading America with new poverty!

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By the way, we are on target to resettle 10,000 more Somalis to the US this fiscal year which brings our grand total now way over 100,000.

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