Italy says it may take military action in Libya (with UN leadership); wants to stop the boats

Invasion of Europe News….


Rescuing the African migrants which launch from the “failed state” of Libya


Fearing that ISIS is only a short boat trip away from Italy and Malta, Malta’s President is cheered by an Italian suggestion that they might join a UN-led “force to battle” in Libya.  I wouldn’t hold my breath!  I think the UN is perfectly O.K. with the on-going ‘Invasion of Europe.

From the Times of Malta:

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat welcomed an announcement by Italy this evening, that it would be ready to join a UN-led force to battle “an active terrorist threat” after recent advances by a faction in Libya that has sworn loyalty to Islamic State militants.

In a tweet, Dr Muscat said:

“Glad #Italy willing to intervene in #Libya under UN mandate. #Malta will play it’s part to ensure #Mediterranean stability -JM @matteorenzi”

Earlier, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said in an interview with SkyTG24 television, that Italy backed efforts by United Nations special envoy Bernardino Leon to bring warring factions to the table to try to broker a ceasefire.

But he said should talks fail, Italy “is ready to fight naturally in the context of an international mission”.

“We cannot accept the idea that there’s an active terrorist threat only a few hours from Italy by boat.”

The situation in Libya, already chaotic, “is deteriorating”, Gentiloni said, adding that Italy “cannot underestimate” the possibility of an attack by Islamic State militants.

In the meantime, those Malta Millionaires are busy fundraising to rescue the next batch of North African invaders, here.

Remember who we can thank for the fall of Libya—Hillary, Rice, and Power (the humanitarian Vulcans)!

For American readers, if you think this has nothing to do with you—think again!  Some of those illegal aliens arriving on Malta are being transformed by our US State Department into “refugees” being resettled in your towns!

See our extensive archive on Malta by clicking here.   It is interesting how motivating the prospect of Islamic terrorists getting into Europe can be, yet most political leaders are blind to the slow creep of Islamic migrants into their countries and cultures that in the long run will have a more devastating impact then some individual terrorist acts will have.

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