Millionaire couple based in Malta rescuing illegal migrants in the Mediterranean Sea

More on the Invasion of Europe, or shall we call this archive the European death spiral?


30-something-year-old millionaires from Malta helping to destroy Europe! Photo and story:


Reader Robin sent us this story from Yahoo News. Yes one more story about the tens of thousands of mostly economic migrants arriving in Europe after crossing the Mediterranean Sea with the help of human traffickers.  One paragraph (ten paragraphs in to a twelve paragraph report) caught Robin’s attention and ours. It is this one:

Some people, however, will continue to help the seemingly endless flow of migrants who leave the shores of Libya daily, such as U.S.-born Chris and Regina Catrambone and their Malta-based rescue operation, the Migrant Offshore Aid Ship. This couple self-funded the purchase of a 40-meter former coaster and employed a crew of 18 during the summer of 2014. They rescued more than 3,000 people found drifting in cramped boats in the waters off Malta and Libya.

Who are these “Americans” who are actually encouraging more illegal migration attempts with their supposed generosity?

Frankly, the only thing that will save Europe now is if the boats leaving North Africa are intercepted and turned back, just as Australia is doing.  Even just turning a few back would likely have a chilling effect on the invasion.  However, there is no sign that European leaders understand the calamity they are unleashing by their cowardice.

Here (at the BBC) is what we learned about the Catrambones:  Only Chris is American, they are multimillionaires, they live on Malta (poor Malta), and they have outfitted a ship to rescue boat people—Somalis, and other North Africans, as well as Middle Easterners, ISIS terrorists?—who launch from hellholes like Libya every day trying to reach Europe.

By the way, see our Malta archive here, it is seven-years-old and chronicles the outrageous perversion by our own State Department of the US Refugee Admissions Program which is admitting to the US (as refugees!), illegal aliens who got to Malta.   See especially this recent post.

We have taken as “refugees” 196 of Malta’s illegal aliens in the first 4 months of FY2015.

Any Member of Congress concerned about this should be drafting legislation to stop this unlawful practice.  (Yes, I believe it is unlawful).

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