Malta Independent: Europe ‘seriously underestimating possibility of IS militants infiltrating Italy or Malta’

No surprise….

At Davos, former Libyan finance minister warns that IS fighters may be in the refugee flow to Europe.

  News from Davos! at the Malta Independent:


“Islamic State militants have taken over practically the whole area from where migrant crossings are launched and are effectively running the whole show, a prominent Libyan politician has warned.

Speaking to Italian journalists during the Davos World Economic Forum, former Libyan Finance Minister Ali Tarhouni, who now serves as President of the Constituent Assembly of Libya, warned that the EU is underestimating the risk of IS militants infiltrating Europe’s shores hidden among refugees.”

Read on, there is much more.


Remember readers!  The US State Department each year takes hundreds of the illegal alien boat people who arrive on Malta from Libya and other places in North Africa to the US as refugees.  See the latest here.  See our entire seven-year-old Malta archive here.

Editor:  The Malta Independent must be having some issues, be persistent, the link will eventually work!

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