Are all Africans xenophobes, or do they just want to live with their own kind of people?

Protestors run after soldiers open fire on January 20th in Kinshasa. 40 were killed. AFP photo.



Yesterday I mentioned the latest African black on other African black crime and discrimination. Today there is a story at the Mail & Guardian Africa which lays out other, what some would call “xenophobic” or “racist,” unhappiness with “foreigners” in Africa.

I find this so amusing (sort of!) that we are expected to welcome the new African refugees to America and accept them into our communities without question (with no demands that they accept our heritage, history and culture), yet they, in their own country resent “foreigners” who prefer to keep their own culture and language.  And, I am sure this same attitude, as this one described in DR Congo, can be found (and largely accepted) the world over.

From Mail & Guardian Africa:

THE last week has been a bad time to be a foreigner in some parts of Africa. Clashes between Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) police and political protestors that left some 40 people dead last week also revealed the level of hostility towards the Chinese in the capital Kinshasa.


The Kinshasa residents also resent what they see as the Chinese preference for sticking together in segregated communities, retaining the customs, habits, and language in their native land. The same sentiments are played out in other African countries not just with the Chinese, but Indians, Somalis, and Lebanese.

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By the way, for readers who don’t know, we are in the early stages of resettling 50,000 or so “refugees” from DR Congo to your towns and cities.   We have resettled a whopping 1,390 from DR Congo in the first three months of FY2015!  (Don’t ask me why the State Department has not colored the map of DR Congo, but the numbers may be found in the list that follows the map.)

Editor:  I’m trying something new, not writing such long posts (but maybe more of them), what do you think?

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