Northern Ireland official: We will take some Syrians even if England is stalling

This story is a few weeks old, so who knows what the latest is, but we will post it to keep our archives on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ comprehensive and as complete as possible.  Gee, I hope they have an agency better than our FBI to screen the Sunni Muslims which make up the majority of the UN program’s flow.  (Our FBI says they can’t be screened!)

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness says it would send an important message! What, that No. Ireland is foolish?

From the Belfast Telegraph:

The Stormont Executive has approached the Home Office over the potential of resettling a number of Syrian refugees in Northern Ireland, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has told the Assembly.

Mr McGuinness said he felt the region should “respond positively” to a call from the United Nations refugee agency – UNHCR – to help some of the more than three million displaced as a consequence of Syria’s bloody internal conflict.

The UK Government has not signed up to the UN programme but has accommodated around 100 refugees under its own Vulnerable Persons Relocation initiative.

Mr McGuinness noted that other European nations were making a much greater contribution to the resettlement efforts through the UN scheme.

He said despite the UK’s government stance he believed Northern Ireland should be allowed to relocate a number of refugees.

Well, they could say they only want ‘religious minorities/Christians’ as Canada has said.  Then there shouldn’t be as big a problem with screening or of them assimilating!

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